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Ever Hear That old Saying?

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Ever Hear That old Saying?

There's a saying "what would that dog do if he ever did catch that car?"

Well I think I have the answer. Yesterday I went for a ride on my Surly on some back farm roads that I'm very familiar with. There's a few dogs and a flock of geese that routinely charge me but I am always well prepared and a spray from the water bottle usually keeps them at bay.

Today a Lab I've never seen before comes running out of a field so fast I didn't have time to react. I tried shifting and gettign out of there but he T-Boned me right as I was shifting which twisted the derailler and locked up the chain. Because the chain was locked up, as I was trying to sprint to get out of there it twisted the rear end of my Cross Check and pulled the rear wheel out of the dropout. That's when I started my slow tumble to earth, tuck my arms in and tuck my chin(5 years of BJJ/Judo prepared me to fall!!) hit the tarmac.

As I get up the dogs just sitting there wagging his tail, like "yeah I just did that, wheres my treat?" what he got was a kick in the @ss!! As he runs off , I'm left roadside in the middle of nowhere(Oxford, PA). Derailler was an easy fix, the frame however was so twisted the wheel would not fit back in the stays. A few minutes of pulling and stepping and I was able to straighten the frame enough to limp home with the rear brakes disconnected and using only the 3-4 gears in the middle of my cassette. The frame is done, it's twisted out of alignment pretty bad. I'll make some calls to see how much it will cost to fix but the frame wasn't all that much to begin with and I can't justify spending too much on it to get repaired. Oh well, guess I'm getting my Ritchey Swiss Cross sooner than expected.

So to answer my original question, when the dog does catch the car he just sits there wagging his tail looking for a treat.
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Glad to hear that you're OK.
- Jeneralist
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Oh my! I'm sorry about the bike damage, but I'm glad you are OK.
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Wow, sorry about the bike but congrats on no damage to you (if 'congrats' is the right word to say). I've been really lucky with dogs where I ride. I did, however, get charged by a loose Bull on the road about a month ago. True story. Scared the CRAP outta me. I wouldn't even know what kind of treat to give a Bull.

Edit: Now that you've got me thinking about it, I think I'm gonna Google that. Ya know, just in case...
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ouch, sorry buddy! glad you are ok, wish the bike was in better shape though
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Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Thankfully between the dog hitting me and the wheel coming out most of my speed was scrubbed and I mostly just toppled over and turned to my back so I got up with no injuries. Because I didn't slide my riding gear is all intact. Only damage is to the frame and wheel(which I've already fixed). I'll make some calls later today to get an idea of how much it will cost to straighten. If the repairs are too costly compared to frame value I'll most likely straighten it enough by hand to use as my trainer stand bike and retire my 1996 cannondale R1000.
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To a Lab, the whole freaking world is a toy.
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Originally Posted by paisan View Post
Oh well, guess I'm getting my Ritchey Swiss Cross sooner than expected.
You shouldn't be out one penny. Find the dog and follow it home. And let's hope you don't suddenly develop back pain. When I got hit by a cab several years ago, the mere mention of that possibility magically resulted in a check for the bike damage where there had previously been stalling.
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That sucks. Glad you're ok.

At least you get a new frame now!
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I'm glad you're ok, even if your bike isn't. But I'm a little surprised that it was the dog, and not one of the geese, that took you down. I've seen geese chasing dogs away! Maybe ... you need to arm yourself with geese.
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A switch-blade goose?
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Labs are a blast, but this is different and not your fault. You need to let the dog owner know the damage that their dog did. They need to pay for repairs and leash their dog.

Glad you knew how to "roll with the punches." Could have been a shoulder or neck injury very easily. Protect future riders in the area and get the owners to be responsible.

Swiss Cross, eh? Are you getting the red seat post and all? Frame only?
I think its disgusting and terrible how people treat Lance Armstrong, especially after winning 7 Tour de France Titles while on drugs!

I can't even find my bike when I'm on drugs. -Willie N.
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Good to here you are ok mate,

Even if you aren't to worried about them paying for repairs , do let them know . Some anmial owners are very ignorant of what Fido does when they are not watching.

heheh need a goose cannon...... if it is automatic does it become a geese cannon ?
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The good thing is that you are okay.

They are making bikes and bike parts every day, yourself, well you are a one off.

The dog realized he/she did a booboo and was trying to make amends .... that no harm no foul thingy.
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This was clearly one of the Mennonite or Amish farmers field dogs. Like I said I've been on that road at least a hundred times and have never seen him before so even if I could pinpoint which farm he belongs to, attempting to convince an Amish farmer to make amends for something his field dog did isn't worth the hassle to me.

Don't get me wrong, it does suck that the Cross Check is ruined but I've needed to retire my old cannondale that I use in my trainer stand for years. It was my first road bike and is technically too big for me(61cm) because I ride 58cm top tube bikes. I had planned on moving the Surly to the trainer next winter anyway so that my trainer bike better matches my road bike position. Right now I make do with a short 80mm stem on the C-Dale to mimic the shorter toptubes of my Derosa and Specialized.

So technically I'm not really out of anything as long as I can get the rear end to track straight enough for the trainer. Well that's what I keep telling myself to keep from getting too upset. I've wanted a Swiss Check for a long time but they had been discontinued for a few years and were only recently brought back. I knew that getting that Excel Sports catalogue in the mail was a sign when I didn't request one or order !!

Seattle isn't lying about Geese. The little group I pass always Hiss and chase me. I call them the Gangsta Geese because they'll spread their wings like an avian gang sign.
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