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buddyh 04-06-12 03:08 AM

Goal completed
My first goal was to go everywhere on the bike that i did as a kid. The last place was the local mall. Had to wait till a early morning to avoid traffic but I did it. So I'm officially a kid again :thumb: Well .... other than building ramps out of plywood and blocks .... NOT going down that road.

Haff 04-06-12 05:14 AM

Of course you wouldnt use plywood and blocks. You're older and wiser now. some 4x4 framing, some 2x6 cross beams, a few lag bolts, some 2x4s for lateral support and a sheet or two of the good old ply. Hold it all together with screws instead of nails, add a rubber foot layer to avoid skidding on ramp impact and you should eb good to go. And of course, if you want it to last you do it with pressure treated and advantec sheets.

THEN you can be a kid again!

Congrats either way.

Biggziff 04-06-12 05:57 AM

As long as you don't look like this when you jump

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