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Bigmike915 04-06-12 07:09 PM

Clyde looking for first bike
Hi guys/gals, I need a little insight into purchasing my first bike. I haven't rode much since I was a kid, but now I want to get into it, for fitness and fun.

A little history about me.
I am 6'7 and weigh 263. Last March I weighed in at a 377lbs. Since then I have turned my life around and quit being a lazy couch potato to a active person. I now frequent the gym for strength training and cardio.

Now for why I'm here:
With spring here I am wanting to continue my fitness but want to get outside more(I am a avid outdoorsman.) I really want to take up biking but I am a complete noob when it comes to bicycles. My riding will be about 60% paved roads, trails, and 40% offroad, dirt trails. I need help choosing the type of bike that will fit my needs the best. I know I do not want a road bike, something more recreational/hybrid. Also my height is a big concern because I want something that will fit me and be comfortable to ride. The most I'd like to spend is $1000, bike only, not including helmet, lock, etc.
I plan to visit a few LBS to get more opinions but I figured I'd get the best advice here that way I somewhat know what to look for before I go shopping.


DaHaMac 04-06-12 07:38 PM

This is a little over your budget at ~$1400 but fits your described needs. 60cm is the largest

The 2012 Raleigh Roper looks nice too but it is about $1500. 59cm is the largest

The Soma Double Cross is a nice looking frame that comes in a 62cm

If you are brave enough to do some assembly and can wait until the bike is back in stock

Best wishes... it has taken me buying three bikes before knowing exactly what I want. I still have two of those three and will keep my comfort/hybrid bike for casual riding, I will keep my Schwinn LeTour as my speed demon (Randonneuring, Group Rides, Supported Centuries), and I will buy a Raleigh Sojourn for my main Commuter and Touring bike.

Arvadaman 04-07-12 06:48 AM

I would suggest an MTB or Cyclocross bike with 29" wheels. I like the Salsa Vaya suggestion above.

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