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linear 04-07-12 07:42 PM

Thursday Night Beer Ride
This is the ride that I would say I survived rather than enjoyed, the beer was good afterward and I did not have a heart attack. Did spent 90 minutes at a 87% max average heartrate 10 minutes after this photo was taken, saw it posted on the net. This was taken as we made or way out of town. There are many riders ahead of those in this photo.

I'm 3rd from the back, the only guy with a handle bar bag, the one gal on the ride is behind me. Within 10 minutes of this photo a friend gets dropped on the 1st hill. The ride quickly picked up the pace we had a little tail wind, but cruising at 27+ seemed a bit high as both fast/slow groups stayed together for the 1st 10 miles. A little farther on going upgrade at 25+ the leader tells the guy pulling to cut it back, he is the guy on the cross bike second in line in the photo, he also went with the slow group later? I was kidding him about getting scolded after his pull, no speedometer he says?

Last year 11 guys from this shop rode in the 24HR Challenge,

This is how the shop describes the ride groups:
C : 20 to 32 miles, beginning road group pace, under 17 mph and learning group basics
B- : faster than C, slower than B, on the C route
B20 : 39 miles, a computer reset at Robbins Rd. will read 20 mph average back at the return to Robbins Rd. This group will "cruise" at 21 in a neutral wind, and average 20 with turns and hills.
Super B : Sometimes added when we have "too many" riders!
B' : 39 miles, 22 mph, pulling off paceline to change leads
B+ : 40 miles, 22+ spirited double line rotation with sprints, collecting the residue from A. May combine with A after Riley Equalizer.
A: 42 miles utilizing the Riley Equalizer, 23+ ave. with sprints and motivated stretches of club race pace; will drop riders to B+.

Dropped riders may just ride with next group coming up the road.
So when you head out in 1 group there is solitude. I was actually asked if going out in 1 group sounded ok, I responded with I don't care if I get dropped on the 1st hill, was dropped on the 3rd hill the prior week. So was it fun? I did stay with the slow group to the end which felt like survival more than fun.

But today was better day.

Just thoght I would share.

goldfinch 04-07-12 08:13 PM

Under 17mph is C ride? Cripe. I guess I need a F ride.

CraigB 04-07-12 08:30 PM

Those classes are even faster than the ones at my shop's Thursday night rides.

linear 04-08-12 06:32 AM


Originally Posted by CraigB (Post 14071612)
Those classes are even faster than the ones at my shop's Thursday night rides.

They do seem too fast for new riders, I did mention that to the shop owner 2 weeks ago. Yet the young woman on the ride is only on her second year, did real well, I was impressed. Was talking to her and she referred to it as a more challenging ride compared to the other group rides in her town.
Stopped by your ride thread, may the force be with you.

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