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laxpatrick 04-10-12 10:19 PM

Gunnar Project Gigantor is DONE
More pics tomorrow...

Summary: I wanted a sport tourer to hammer the hills here in western Wisconsin. I had been riding a Cannondale 66cm R600. I wanted a more stable, comfortable ride. I also wanted to try out the theories firsthand on longer cranks for taller riders. I'm 6'8", 240 and long in the legs. Back in 2001 I had a C5-7 spinal fusion with 6 screws and a Ti plate installed. I'd only lost a but of mobility in my neck, by wanted to minimize a stiff neck after long rides. I'm 41 and wanted a bike to carry me into the next decade with happy, comfortable riding.

I'd researched a couple builders and decided on Gunnar, which is pretty much local to me. Richard Schwinn was extremely helpful in the process of collaborating on the geometry as was my LBS. We used the Sport as the basis for the design.

Gunnar delivered FAST. So fast in fact that I ended up staring at a crankless bike for a few weeks while I waited for High Sierra to get my custom 210mm integrated crankset.

I'll post geometry tomorrow as well.

For components, I went with HED Belgium rims and Phil Wood hubs in black. Had looooong lusted after a wheelset with those hubs. Cane Creek mid reach brakes (Sport features these for clearance). Ultegra 9 speed brifters and derailleurs, Ritchey comp stem and post, Biomax bars, and the timeless B-17 Brooks. Chris King headset and FSA 34 50 rings. 11-28 cassette. Panaracer Type A tires in 700x25c.

It was 41 degrees and blowing 30mph when I got home, so I only put a few miles on it. Overall impressions: fit is amazing. I cannot say I've ever been so comfortable and neutral on a bike before. The cranks felt weird. My legs felt like they'd never engaged the extent of the muscles before. It was strange. After about 3 miles, I no longer felt that odd sensation. What I did notice was the power responsiveness and the feeling of torque. I think I'm gonna like this... The BB and cranks felt really nice and stiff, far stiffer than my other bike. The HSC cranks are not pretty, but they are well made. The BB design is unlike anything I'd seen before. The frame soaked up bumps far better than the Cannondale and really felt stable and like it wanted to go in a straight line.

Will post more impressions as I clock the miles!


bigfred 04-11-12 12:36 AM

Thanks for the update. I love it. I'll be looking forward to hearing your reports on adjusting to the longer cranks. I've been running an 87cm saddle height for years with 180 cranks and really curious if the move to 190 or 195's would be worth it.

Nice bike! Looks about as well proportioned as you can expect such a size to be. Congratulations.

Antelope 70cm 04-11-12 04:51 PM

Nice bike, well done:thumb: Congrats and enjoy!!

jr59 04-11-12 04:56 PM

That sounds like a great platform for you!

Gunnar builds very good stuff.

Go ride the heck out of it.

sjvcycler 04-12-12 11:03 AM

How much was that bike? I have a buddy the same height.

Kobe 04-12-12 12:00 PM

What size is that seat tube? It appears you still have a lot of seat post showing even though this was custom, was there a limit to how large they would build the frame?

bigfred 04-12-12 10:33 PM

And, what was the motivation behind sticking with 9 speed?

laxpatrick 04-13-12 07:56 AM

Gunnar asks $1250 for a custom frame - here's the geometry we ended up with - key factor was raising the BB for the long cranks.

9 speed for perceived durability (yeah, I know, 10sp is FINE) and so I can swap wheels with my Cannondale.

C to T Seat Tube: 632mm
Actual TT: 591.9mm
Theo TT: 610mm
HA 73 deg
SA 72.5 deg
Chainstay 430mm

bigfred 04-13-12 11:05 AM

I can understand the wheel swapping concern. Now that Mrs. Fred is on 10 speed, it seems as though I'm forever switching cassettes around. Even though I thought we rarely ever ride the same wheels. It's the "spare" wheels that seem to be the issue. Primary and training hoops, not so much. After all, I would never ride her Rolf's.

9 speed vs. 10. I'm also still on 9. But, I lust for the ability to pair new hood designs to a more ergo bar and bar routed shift cables. The only way I will get those is if I make the switch to 10spd. But, I just can't get over going to an even narrower chain. They may be strong enough. But, how much faster will they wear? Oh well, at least I'm not the only one hanging onto 9spd. Although, if I were building a bike up from scratch, can't say that I wouldn't make the switch.

goldfinch 04-13-12 12:28 PM

I have to say it: The color is really pretty!

maidenfan 04-16-12 09:21 PM

Man, I would have seriously considered "36er" wheels for that ride - imagine how fast you'd be in the flats.

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