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youcoming 04-12-12 10:59 AM

A Great Day
OK I'll start off with saying we don't have any mountains where I live but we have planty of hills and very few dead flat roads, we are either going up or down. Today was one of those days when everything just clicked, felt like a magnet was pulling me up the hills and putting some hurt on my riding partner. Man you just gotta love rides like this, it hurt but it hurt in a good way and was able to recover real quick after, awesome day on the saddle!

CraigB 04-12-12 12:55 PM

Looks like a nice ride. Don't you love days like that? They don't seem to happen often enough.

callmeclemens 04-12-12 01:10 PM

I love, it my ride starts with a small downhill followed by a mile of climbing. I love the days when the bike stops rolling and the pedaling starts and everything just clicks. Now you've got me excited to ride today, I hope It all works out for me too.

prxmid 04-14-12 09:55 AM

First chance to ride this year. 18 nice easy miles on a beautiful morning. Ran into a nice group of riders. Felt like a kid. Therapists would go out of business if people just rode bikes

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