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RaggaD 04-12-12 05:59 PM

New to riding!
Just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the forum as well as riding. Hadn't ridden a bike in probably 10 years but my weight was getting out of hand so I thought a good way to start exercising would be to commute to and from work. I went out on Monday and picked up a Fuji Crosstown 4.0, which I really like so far. I am 6 ft 1 and currently weigh right around 280. Hoping the 10 miles a day will help shed some pounds. Like I said I'm totally new to riding so any tips or must have accessories would be appreciated. 3 days in the riding has been awesome and I find myself looking forward to my rides! Look forward to more riding and more posting here!


bassjones 04-12-12 06:25 PM

Helmet, cycling gloves, water bottle cages, water bottles, flat repair kit and a spare tube or 2. Helmet is a must. The rest are good to have, almost necessities, but not quite. If you don't want to have to call for rides or be really late to work, get the repair kit, the tubes, and a frame pump and learn how to use them - do it enough and you'll get a lot faster at it. You WILL get flats, not probably will; absolutely will. Check you air pressure daily and be sure to air them up if they're low, even a little bit low, or you'll get a pinch flat.

avance 04-12-12 08:09 PM

Riding shorts or bibs add comfort to your ride.

MadCityCyclist 04-12-12 09:35 PM

For a work commute you'll probably want fenders, otherwise you get a spray of water on your back and your head every time you ride over water. You'll also need a bag to carry work stuff, a change in clothes, or the road kit (for flats). Personally, I prefer a rear rack and panniers for that, but you can try it out with a backpack (which you probably already have) to see if that is good enough for you, because panniers and a rack usually require a little $$$$$.

I only use riding shorts for longer rides, like 25+ miles, but I'm a fairly lean 230 pounder (I lift a lot of weights). Riding shorts may be beneficial for heavier riders because the shorts have padding built into them, but the Fuji Crosstown already has a padded seat. Some of the road bikes have seats that are called "ass hatchets" for a reason, and if you had one of those bikes then I'd say get the shorts. With the Crosstown being taken for casual rides it may not be necessary.

If you ride on the street and have to share the road with automobiles, you may want to consider a reflective vest and/or a rear view mirror.

Should you decide on getting a helmet, try on several different models because not all helmets fit the same.

RaggaD 04-15-12 05:43 AM

Thanks for all the replies guys! I picked up front and rear lights, a good u-lock, cage and water bottle. Going to get the seat bag to store patches, mini pump, etc so I can change a spare tire. Riding has been awesome and I look forward to longer rides!

rumrunn6 04-15-12 05:50 AM


Captlink 04-15-12 10:27 AM

No body mentioned shoes they make a big difference.

RaggaD 04-15-12 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Captlink (Post 14100091)
No body mentioned shoes they make a big difference.

I was wondering about shoes. I've been wearing a pair of Nike Crosstrainers, but the grip sucks. Pedals got wet the other morning and I thought my feet were going to slide off. Just ordered a new pair of pedals (Fyxation Mesa's) and I figured I could wear a pair of "skate" style shoes for now (vans) as they have a pretty sticky sole.

Not really feeling the whole clipless thing right now as I'm not sure how I feel about having my feet locked into the pedal, although all my riding friends swear by them

RaggaD 04-15-12 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by rumrunn6 (Post 14099460)

Will post some in the morning!

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