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Peter_C 04-16-12 04:04 PM

Wonderful warm clothing for Clydes and Athenas
Foxwear - I just found out about them, and Lou, the owner - So far all I can say is WOW~! He doesn't even charge move for the uber-clyde sizes either~!

I found this old thread about them:
And the website is:

Check it out. All I am waiting for is some money to fall into my hand so I can buy some custom made clothing for me :)

jr59 04-16-12 05:38 PM

Lou is GREAT, and really easy to deal with.

Custom stuff for less than off the shelf.

Happy you called him. You will not be disappointed.

msr13 04-16-12 06:29 PM

Great resource. Thanks. I have been trouble finding clothes that are comfortable and don't look awful on me.

DESchindel 05-18-12 04:14 PM

Lou has made several items for me over the years - windproof jacket and pants for winter, some running shorts, and a few weeks ago I talked him into making some cycling shorts. He doesn't list them on the website but they came out great. When they arrived I thought that they wouldn't have enough padding - just a second layer of the thickest Power Stretch. The fabric is so soft and wickable and the fit was so perfect that I found them WAY MORE COMFORTABLE than off-the-shelf cycling shorts. By comparison the mass-produced ones with gel pads feel like I'm wearing a loaded diaper. In the saddle the poor fit produces folds of extra cloth under my butt which really hurts after 10 miles. The new shorts that Lou made up are making a huge difference.

Try to get him to make a pair for you and see if you react the same way.

Peter_C 05-18-12 11:01 PM

I'm thinking of a 3/4 length pant for summer riding. It's a damn shame that I learn about him when I am at a point of little to no income. So it must wait for better times before I can order.

I hope if anyone tries him, that they will both post here, and tell Lou about this thread, and that we are trying to make him famous - but just not too famous either :P

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