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Wolfwerx 04-19-12 11:51 AM

The Redbud Ride
In London, KY. The ride is happening this weekend... is anybody doing it?

This will be my first century, I hope my rear survives it!:D

Anyways, I'll be the really tall dork on a bright yellow Schwinn Le Tour. Say hi if you see me out there.

gunner65 04-19-12 12:13 PM

Wish I could make it but alas this ride always falls on family plans for me.

dcrowell 04-19-12 02:19 PM

I've been wanting to do this ride for a couple of years. Maybe next year...

Wolfwerx 04-23-12 07:55 AM

This thing blew.

It was freezing and raining cats-and-dogs. After a few terrifying descents, I bailed at about 25 miles in. I had been walking my bike down hills, and had just finished a pretty good climb and was facing a long swoopy downhill portion that looked at least a mile-ish long. I turned around right there. My brakes were not even slowing me down on some of the hills. If it had been dry that morning, it may have been a pretty fun ride... lots of sweeping and turning hills. In the rain, though, I was puckered so hard that I damn near snapped my saddle in half.

I didn't notice that it wasn't a timed event, so I didn't feel like killing myself for a "tour". Just not worth it, to me.

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