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Beanboy 04-19-12 05:25 PM

the last ten pounds
A little ahead of weight loss this season. Every race season (kayak) I go from 220 in April to 205 by October.

Right now I'm 215 thanks to the mild winter we've been having in Beantown. More bike commuting, weekend group rides and more 5K races than last year at this point.

Always takes me till the end of season to get the last ten pounds off, and I want to speed things up this season.

What have folks done here to crank through the last ten pounds or so when the 'easy' weight has already come off?

Beanboy 04-19-12 05:28 PM

Ack, sorry... There's another thread just a month older:

Will head over there. Mods, feel free to delete.

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