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Recovery, post ride.

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Recovery, post ride.

What do you do after the ride to recover? I pushed myself to 15 miles today (big deal for me) and i'm sore and hurting. I've heard take in lots of protein, eat this or that, drink this or that, etc etc. In my first 3 weeks I have put 70 miles on my poor bike (once again big deal to me).
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Don't over consume calories!!! Easy stretch after you ride, a warm shower, and a little rest. Smile at the soreness. You've earned it and it means good things are happening!

With a 15 mile ride you shouldn't rneed anything extra except more water.
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Good job on 15 miles, it's nice to start building distance.

A cool shower right after can help prevent some soreness later. I find that a warm shower makes me more sore. Advil can help with soreness too. Stretch later in the day and the next day. It's easy to lose flexibility from cycling. Drink lots of water. Seriously, lots (8-9 8oz glasses a day more of you're really sweating.)

What my trainer recommended whey protein as recovery snack. I usually schedule my rides and workouts so my morning or afternoon snack hits right after and will have a smoothie with berries, whey protein, soy milk and a small amount OJ. Or some mixed into skim milk. I don't usually need it after a short bike ride as I do after an intense training session. Feeling light headed, nauseated and a bit shaky is a sign that you need something to replenish blood sugar. If you're not feeling that, don't worry about it. If you're really feeling run down, eat a banana, the potassium will help. Don't eat or drink (non water drinks) too much though, good exercise isn't an excuse to indulge.
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Tomorrow (after a good night's sleep), go for a short, flat easy ride. 15-minutes up to 20 or 30. Very easy gear, spinning. No hills (if possible), no wind (if possible).

As for nutrition, hopefully your current diet is good. Regardless, don't severely change up anything as your system isn't used to it.
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Nice job pushing yourself! Very cool

I like chocolate milk with some whey protien. A shower right after the ride then a hour or so later, a meal. On the days of my big rides, I graze. Every 2 to 3 hours a snack or drink with both carbs and protiens. I eat the same amount of calories...just spread out a little different.

I will stretch in the evening. It helps with the soreness the next day.
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If I am sore the net day, I actually find walking (either outside or on a treadmill) to really help me out. When I first started, I hurt a lot and this helped me to recover without pushing my body too much.
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Stretch. Drink plenty of water. Do something active but different the next day (walk, swim, etc).
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