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eightlab 04-24-12 12:03 PM

Big thanks to Peter_C...
The shorts just arrived...

Here's hoping the bike arrives this weekend!!! Woo hoo!!!

Peter_C 04-25-12 08:34 AM

You're most welcome :)

Am very excited for you~!

Sadly, the first person who wanted the 3XL shorts wasn't sure on size, so I sent them out first, and they said they were keeping them, but then never paid me! So it looks like my being trusting got me screwed. This person is no longer replying to PMs from me either.

I've learned that sending stuff to another country is no big deal, so in the future, I will be willing to do that :) It was a pleasure to work with you, and PayPal makes these types of transactions very painless as well.

eightlab 04-25-12 09:44 AM

SOR - Sale or return... Payment first every time! Sad that you got burned, but at least you've learned from it!

Cheers again!

Peter_C 04-25-12 10:01 AM

Yup- was trying to be nice. Live and learn, right? In the future, payment first...hehe

chefisaac 04-25-12 10:03 AM

Sorry to hear that peter c. I always liked to call them out when people do that so everyone knows. I used to have a honey business and I would send orders all the time and get payment after I sent it out. The majority of the time everything got paid. I can only recall two times that. I got screwed.

Peter_C 04-25-12 09:28 PM

I am trying to wait in hopes that the person decides to pay me. But the lack of response to my recent PMs leads me to believe they are flaking out on me badly. I guess I will need to start haunting their new posts, etc...

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