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steve2k 06-21-12 03:04 AM

Clyde weight loss group?
Is there a weight loss group somewhere that I can join?
I'm 240lbs and looking to get down to 200ish and just looking for a group to join to keep me motivated. It'd be good if it were a group of fellow cyclists so we can swap stories etc.

I don't mind which app/website etc. is used to track progress. It's more the community and motivation rather than the tool for me.

many thanks,

RedC 06-21-12 03:20 AM

There is a weight watchers thread that several of us participate in (just type in "weight watchers" in the search bar at the top of the page and look for "I joined weight watchers" We celebrate one anothers success and comiserate with one another over the difficulties. I'm down 32 lbs since January 29 and hoping to lose another 40.

chefisaac 06-21-12 04:09 AM

Red is right, the weight watchers group is pretty cool. I have had a 51 pound weight loss since the end of december 2011.

Also, right here would be great really! And if nothing tickles your fancy, start a thread. I would love to join.

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