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szewczykm 06-21-12 01:34 PM

Biking habits - I think I turned a corner
In support of my LBS, I gave them my bike for a tuneup and to have the handles re-wrapped. I arranged it a week in advance so I could get my bike back the same day, or at most, the next day. Today I put the bike in the truck because I had to drive it to the LBS at noon and then get back to work.

Before, riding to work was kind of a chore. I packed my bag the night before, I was always tired in the morning, it would just be easier to drive but I made myself bike. This morning I found the drive irritating. Something about being in a huge vehicle, disconnected from the road and the elements. I've swung to the side where biking feels easier to me, at least for the morning commute.

I gave my bike to them, and they are great, but I seriously miss my bike right now. I have separation anxiety. I really hope I get it back in a few hours. I really want to ride today!

I think I'm going to need another bike, just for times like this.

CommuteCommando 06-21-12 01:41 PM

April was the first month I managed to avoid commuting a single day by car. June is shaping up to be the same. May I had to drive one day because of my stepdaughters college graduation. Logistics just could not work in the biking. I get annoyed when I have to drive.

gyozadude 06-21-12 01:50 PM

Yepp! You sound like you got the bug! There are 12 bikes in my household of 5 people. One for my son, one for my older daughter, one for my little 4 yr old daughter, two for my wife (because she's worth it!). And you do the math, the rest for Moi!

Wanna support your LBS? Get more bikes. Have one in service, and ride one of other 6. You need one for each day of the week, maybe... :-) And get to savour that exceptional feeling of a freshly serviced bike on a regular basis; the unmatched smoothness and stealth of quiet gears that are hardly discernible with the wind whistling past your ears...

Passed by a new guy with a big grin today on the way to work. He was riding a fairly new Fuji Absolute 2.0 2011. I slowed to check out the bike. Stayed with him for about a mile. He paid $499 online he said and was really happy with the bike and he looked it too. Had the insignia of the world's biggest chip maker on his backpack. Not the one you get at their big annual tradeshows, but a very special one reserved for close partners and internal teams. I proceeded on my way, thinking how great it was to see another fellow engineering geek pedalling to work. I'm not going to be surprised to see him more often on the trail.

szewczykm 06-21-12 03:45 PM

Whew, my bike is done. I leave to pick it up in 15 minutes...

EasyEd 06-22-12 04:45 PM

Be sure and pick up a spare bike while you are there, so you don't have this problem anymore.:rolleyes:

chefisaac 06-22-12 05:00 PM

I felt the same way too when I first started commuting. Heck, I remember the first week of commuting. I would get to work and be soooooooo tired and did not know if I was going to make it til the end of the day.

But that was then. Now I love it and love doing it. Clears my head. I have not been able to commute for about 2 1/2 weeks and it sucks. Between traveling for work, the stent and kidney stones, it is not a good situation and everyday I miss it.

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