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szewczykm 06-29-12 10:22 PM

Burning legs reminds me to pull them out of the fire
Im not sure there is advice to give here, but someday I hope to remember to do stuff before my legs start burning rather than after.

My legs will start to burn and then I remember to relax them, pedal through, use both legs equally, and breath.

The funny thing is, I relax and remember to pedal circles and the burning stops as I actually start going faster.

I'll be happy when I don't have to think about it so much.

It's getting better though. 30 days ago I rode 10 miles at 12mph and was dead. Today I rode 16 miles at 15 mph and was able to power up that last hill of the ride without crying.

chaapa 06-30-12 09:25 AM

It keeps getting better. :)

I know you are working hard at it and also losing weight. I am also always thinking of things to tweak as I ride. Can't believe how much improvement I've seen since I started riding more seriously. Can't believe it's only been since April.

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