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SkippyX 06-30-12 12:59 PM

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Just got back from the bike shop. It's a New Bike Day!

We picked up the Schwinn Cream that we had put on layaway for my wife. It's a really cool bike. It's got that serious retro thing going on. I also like the IGH. All she needs is a wicker basket on the front and she's all set. That'll be next payday.

Link to product page.

My wife was shocked at how quickly the dollars added up. I expected it. I knew we were going to need accessories. So, we paid off the bike, bought a U-Lock, lights for the front and rear and a bike rack for the car so we could transport her bike home.

I don't know why I thought there were quick releases on the Schwinn. There weren't. There was no way we could fit the bike in the car.

I couldn't help but buy myself a Sweat Gutr while I was at it. I'm tired of sodden bandanas leaking sweat all down my face. I had been thinking about one of those wicking sweatbands, but the bike shop owner swore by the Sweat Gutr. He says he races mountain bikes and sweats like a pig. According to him nothing works better for him. We'll see. I've got a long commute in the Texas summer heat. I sure hope this thing works as advertised. I'd like to be able to wear sunglasses when I'm riding in the afternoon.

Now if it would only quit raining so my lovely and talented bride & I could go out for a little spin......

Beachgrad05 06-30-12 02:04 PM

Love New Bike Days! Nice looking bike you got the wife

goldfinch 06-30-12 06:36 PM

Pretty bike! Too bad about the quick releases, I also had assumed that all bikes have them these days. But heck, the rack will be handy.

Just_Nigel 06-30-12 07:02 PM

Congrats on the new bike! Nice looking one too.

thestoutdog 06-30-12 07:27 PM

New bike day is the best, congrats!

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