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Jeff Pedals 07-02-12 08:40 PM

24 hours of booty - Indianapolis
Anyone here ride in this one? I rode it along with my 3 team mates. I had what turned out to be far fetched plans of making 300 miles in this one. That was before I discovered the two inclines/hills we had to traverse each 3.5 mile lap.

I made fairly decent time in the over night portion of the ride, logging 101.5 miles by 3AM, but after the 2 hour storm delay at 3:30 it was time for breakfast...neither me or my team mates were in a hurry to get back out there on the now wet roads but we sooner or later did so but the day portion of the ride was not as kind to me...I soon realised a goal of 200 miles was probably the best I could hope for... well, I made it to 162.2 miles before my team & I decided to call it done with 2 hours remaining in the ride as they once again closed the course for i think lightning for a short time. Durring the afternoon portion of the ride, my feet had begun to cause me serious trouble so much so that I attempted to switch out my pedals for platforms vs my clip in's...problem was, the mechanic on duty could not get my existing pedals free for the life of him. So I had to go back out there again with the same painfull problem. Turns out the course did not stay closed very long, but we were already packing to leave. I don't imagine I would have made much more than 20 more miles in the last 2 hours had we stayed for it as my feet definately were not agreeing. Also my crank arms had begun to clunk & creak with every pedal stroke like tiny stones in a blender for the last 30 miles.

Maybe someone here rode this ride & happened to pass me by & or heard my clunking/creaking crank arms :)

Jeff Pedals 07-02-12 08:48 PM

I guess that means I made atleast 46 laps around the course...that explains why I really hated those two inclines/hills near the end :)

CraigB 07-02-12 08:53 PM

I knew about the ride, but didn't participate. Congrats on the accomplishment, even if it was short of the full 200 - it was a lot farther than I could have made it.

Sir Real 07-03-12 07:46 AM

Congrats on your ride. I considered it, but chose to sign up for RAIN instead and thought the two were too close to each other on the calendar. Maybe next year.

Homeyba 07-03-12 08:21 AM

Sounds like a fun ride Jeff. When you start doing long distance riding it's important to have your fit down right ahead of time. Every little thing that is just an annoyance on a 30-50 mile ride can become very painful and possibly ride enders as the miles add up. Did you have foot problems before this ride? Where is your cleat positioned on your shoe and what kind of cleat/pedal system are you using?

Jeff Pedals 07-03-12 05:47 PM

This season my feet have not felt good for some reason I started cycling with spd, & then eventualy switched to speed play, didn't take me long on those to realise they were not for me, I then switched to spd-L (look style), & everything was much better as I had last year got them to a place where they were pretty good on long rides, (I do 5-6 century & century plus rides each year & am averaging around 5000 miles per season) but yes I have had foot pain issue's this season, & I figured they would be a problem at some point which is why I brought along platforms in case. I have the cleats set back as far as they will go as they caused me trouble anywhere else. I should mention that I do not have spectacular feet, I wear down my street shoes on the outside edge of both feet. & I'm pretty sure that don't help my cause when clipped in on the bike. I also ride with a rather thick arch supported insole which I'm begining to think must be taking up to much room in the shoes & thus cramping my toes. I really like the cushioning of the insole as I have always felt the insoles offered in cycling shoes are borderline pathetic & since I have had trouble with them more than not, I figure I need a soft insert. The insert I have, I purchased from the walking person's store where they stand you on that preasure sensor pad to find out what one you need. My shoes are Sidi, a lower priced model with the 3 velcro straps. I originaly had some high dollar sidi carbons that I found to be to small & way to hard for my messed up feet, so I went up a size & down in price with out all the carbon & gadgets & like i mentioned , last season they seemed good...this season, not so much; I'm beging to think I need a larger toe box area or even a wide (In street shoes I don't need anything special like wide) but if I am to keep my current insole in my cycling shoes, I know I will need to switch to something different cause they are not feeling well this season.

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