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brushog65 07-07-12 05:16 AM

first ride
I got my new gaint talon1 yesterday .Went out this mourning and rode 2 miles. My legs gave out on me before i got winded this was kind of a surprise. I thought i would be abiut to pass out before my legs gave out.It felt good to be out riding though.Should i go out and do it again tommorrow or every other day at first.

chefisaac 07-07-12 05:21 AM

Go out and do it tomorrow but it is up to you. If it was me, I would go out and do it. Gotta start somewhere.

You did great by the way! You created a baseline and from there, you will bro.

We went pics of you bike!

chefisaac 07-07-12 05:22 AM

Piece of advice: if you have front shocks, lock them out when you are riding on the road. They suck energy out of you while riding.

jethro56 07-07-12 07:55 AM

There are trade offs to riding a certain speed. One can use an easy gear and spin the pedals quickly which works the cardio system harder. Or one can use a harder gear and spin the pedals slowly which works the anerobic system harder. In my opinion the cardio system responds to training quicker than the anerobic system. I also believe that you can train the cardio system more often than the anerobic system. I have a post in my profile where I talk about what I believe happens to many new riders.

Andy Stanton 07-07-12 08:09 AM

My lack of leg strength was a big problem for me when I first started. For the first couple of weeks I rode every other day, then I was able to ride every day, sometimes twice a day. You'll be surprised how quickly your legs get stronger. Another big problem I had was getting comfortable on the saddle. Eventually I realized that the saddle that came with my bike was never going to be comfortable enough for me and I bought a new one, which has worked out fine.

Zoxe 07-07-12 08:18 AM

We rode every other day when we started.

You'll be surprised how fast your mileage comes up after a few rides. Just keep at it!

When we got to the point that we could ride 5mi, we'd ride out 5, take a break (drink some water), then ride home. Ten mile trip that way!

CommuteCommando 07-07-12 08:33 AM

I rode every other day, but don't go too long between rides; two days max. Ride as far as you can, but not so far that it stops being fun.

I started out about here you are, and now do about 80-100 miles per week, and have done four rides over fifty miles. I ride almost daily.

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