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Zeusman22 07-07-12 04:39 PM

Some Advice
My mother is looking into getting a bike and I was looking for some advice on what she should be looking at. She is around 5'2". I was thinking a hybrid would be good as she will stay to roads and paved trails. She doesn't want to spend to much I think around 300 to 500 would be here limit. Thanks in advance for any help.

WonderMonkey 07-07-12 04:52 PM

Look at the recumbents as well. A friend of mine has one and she loves it. Very comfy and she goes up to 60 miles on it.

Lenkearney 07-07-12 07:35 PM

why wife is 5'2" also. We got her a trek women's configuration. think looks like a toy compared to my full size bike- but she kicks my butt on that "toy".

consider going to a bike store that handles used bikes. definetly would go a hybrid or cruiser for a first bike.

Mondo734 07-07-12 11:34 PM

I think a flat bar road bike or a fitness bike would be best personally. Key thing is to have her test ride a few different types of bikes at a store and figure out for herself what style she likes best, then focus on finding the style of bike that fits the budget.

Zeusman22 07-08-12 10:28 PM

Thanks for the advice. We are going to go look at a bike shop in the next few days.

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