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jmvtampa 07-07-12 09:27 PM

newbie clydesdale in need of inexpensive first road bike advice please.
Hello, I'm new to the site and I belive I may qualify as a clidesdale I'm 5'8' on a good day and weigh 235-240lbs. I have rediscovered how much I love to ride but have just killed off my old off-road GT of 20+ years. I am on a budget and would love the bike asap and am looking for a bike for $250-$300. I am just not sure that the bike I find will safely hold my weight. I am looking for a road bike since I primarily ride in the park on a trail or on a path. I went to walmart to check out the Schwinn Varsity flat bar road bike but it is not in stock a the moment and I don't know if it will hold my weight consistently. I have also looked online at the Motobecane elite

I appreciate any advice you can give.

AlbertaBeef 07-07-12 09:44 PM

Honestly, if on a budget I'd look for a good used road bike rather than buying new... but that's me. Unfortunately most NEW bikes in the price-range you're looking simply won't hold up well.

Ronius_Maximus 07-07-12 10:22 PM

^^^Honestly, I totally agree. I got my brother inlaw into biking and he went out and bought a road bike without consulting me. He spent $300 on a Vilano road bike with Shimano A050 components. When it came, sure it was all new, shiny, and did I say new? After riding it, he wasn't very impressed. I told him to give me $150 (half what he paid) to see what I can do on craigslist. Got him a mint condition, well-maintained, late 90's Specialized Allex with 105 components. Sure, not everyone can get a deal as great (or lucky) as that but with that said - just try to be as patient as possible and check craigslist as frequently as possible for a road bike in your price range. I live in Portland, where bikes tend to be a bit more over priced, and I know that for $300 I can get a very good used road bike.

loneviking61 07-07-12 10:31 PM

Check the pawnshops and Craigslist. I've found bike shops that restore some of the well made bikes from yesteryears for not much. As for new bikes, I just bought a Schwinn Trailway 700c and it's a tank. Like most 'big box' bikes it wasn't set up right---the front derailler wouldn't shift, the cables were routed wrong, brakes set up wrong. But, I've had other big box bikes that I chipped the teeth on the gear sets, I've had frames that I could flex 'em enough to throw the chain---none of that problem with this Scwinn. It's heavy at about 32 lbs, but it's a tank!

mprelaw 07-08-12 06:44 AM

I'd suggest checking Craig's List or some other classifieds for an older steel frame model with downtube friction shifters. There usually isn't anything wrong with the shifters and derailleurs that new cables and a slight adjustment can't fix (cables are dirt cheap). DT shifters are a little bit more of a PITA than indexed brifters, but you'll learn how to shift. Then start putting money aside and in a year or so, get a new bike.

That's the route I took to get from 235 lbs to 160, and from riding 7 miles on a clunky cruiser to doing centuries.

BadKarma62 07-08-12 08:35 AM

I feel your pain, bro. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and had no choice but to start getting some exercise. I started with an old Univega Alpina steel framed MTB and set it up for the road. I mainly ride trails and paths like you stated. I went from 340 to a current 284 and the Uni is still going strong.

I inadvertently became the "new" owner of a 2003 Lemond Nevada City bare frame that is slowly being built for centuries next year. I think there is a thread in the touring forum about converted MTB's I'll see if I can find it.

Found it:

A little searching can find a suitable donor in your price range and in a year or so of socking away some funds, you can go get what you want with less compromising in budget.

Good luck.

longhaultrucker 07-08-12 12:37 PM

Craigslist for the win. You can find some vintage Schwinn sprint's and world travelers and replace the tires and rims if needed as well as look around for used derailers if u need them. Sure it's not shiny and new and all but use some of that krylon hairspray and make it look good I have done this in the past and wound up with a bike I could ride like hell. the thing was a tank and thought it was a mountain goat or at least that's how I rode her. BTW I know it will hold up cause I had 50#'s on you

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