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JakiChan 07-14-12 06:21 PM

My first group ride
I went out with a local club today. I had a great time - I had never ridden across the Golden Gate before. I took the shortest option (26 miles) and left pretty early, but it was still good. My only complaints:

1) I was the slowest guy for sure and I felt bad for the two really nice guys that hung back with me - they clearly could have gone faster. They didn't seem to mind but it still made me feel...super slow. I guess it was good that I was pushing myself, but I was still hella slow.

2) At one point someone not with the group yelled something about "sausage" in my direction. Given how self-conscious I feel about cycling clothing I immediately thought it was a reference to that. Is that a "cycling insult"?

vesteroid 07-14-12 06:47 PM

I would yell back, yes I have a big one and keep riding...but that's just me :)

Im kidding, but really who gives a crap what others yell...the very fact that they are yelling anything tells you all you need to know about them as a person

goldfinch 07-15-12 05:59 AM

Jackie, I had a group ride earlier this summer where I was way, way slower than the group. The person who got me to ride with the group must not have believed me when I told him my average speed. I too had a couple of people who were kind enough to ride with me. But it is an uncomfortable feeling to be babysat. However, it was nice to have company on a long ride. I stopped riding with that group. Maybe next year.

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