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smurray 07-17-12 06:25 AM

Vittoria Randonneurs 28c
I'm in the process of building a fixed gear bike to use as a commuter to and from work. I had hoped to run two 28c Gator Hardshell tires, but the front tire just barely rubs the crown fork. I know these specific tires have a tendency to run slightly larger than marked, so I think a different 28c tire would fit. I'm looking at the Vittoria Randonneurs, but am a little concerned about the lower psi rating than the Hardshells. The Randos max out at 90psi, while the Hardhells can go up to 115psi. I'm a bigger guy, about 250, and am wondering if the Randos will be toosoft for me. Could someone around my weight who has experience with these tires (preferably this size as well) five me their opinion on the matter? My only other option would be to still run two Hardshells, but a 25c up front and a 28c in the back.

Seattle Forrest 07-17-12 10:05 AM

I used to run Vittoria Randonneur Cross tires on a CX bike. I'd put 110 psi in the front and 120 psi in the back when I was planning to stay on pavement. (In general, most tires are fine to about 1.5x their max pressure rating.) I liked them quite a bit. They're heavy, but grip well and have a nice ride.

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