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rthomse 07-22-12 09:03 AM

Smokers ?
Who also smoke's or quit smoking after they started bike riding? I for one did!

Dale_S 07-22-12 10:29 AM

I rode for a year, quit a little over 2 months ago, and started riding again last week. After smoking for 35 years it was not an easy quit, but so far so good. The cravings are still there, probably will always be there. I always has the after ride smoke, so part of my strategy for quitting was to stop riding for a few months so I would not slip at the end of a ride and start up again. So far the strategy has worked, just hope I can resist temptation.

CommuteCommando 07-22-12 10:34 AM

I started smoking later than most. I was twenty and in the service. This was in the 70's when the military actively promoted smoking. I quit twelve years later. I doubt I would be where I am if I still smoked.

otg 07-22-12 10:35 AM

I quit smoking about 15 years ago after smoking for over 25 years. I was up to 3 packs a day, couldn't even imagine sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee without at least 2 or 3 smokes. It was tough at first, used to have dreams that I was smoking again and was relieved when I woke up and realized it was only a dream. After about a year, the cravings went completely away, and now I honestly can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. I didn't start riding until well after I quit smoking, but I honestly think I quit riding many years ago because I was smoking so much. I used to smoke while I was riding all the time, probably had a smoke every 20 minutes or so. With age comes wisdom, as they say.

Dodge9904 07-22-12 07:45 PM

Pack a day for twenty years. Quit three weeks ago today and did it cold turkey. Never planned it just quit. I got the urge to ride again and decided to get back in shape. Smoke free for three weeks, ride every day, and eatting right helps and I've dropped 24 pounds.

Bent Bill 07-22-12 08:18 PM

Working on quitting been smoking about a pack a day for 39 years
dont smoke after riding for at least 2 hours
then when I do light one up it irritates the hell out of me
because I fiqure it just counteracted everything I gained by riding :notamused:

TK LP 07-23-12 05:09 AM

I'm an ex of 13 years, after being a 2-3 packer for about 28 years. Quit cold turkey.turkeys Got back into riding almost immediately.

Ridernthestorm 07-23-12 09:36 PM

Rode a lot in my twenties, just started again 3 months ago, been smoking 35 plus years, I know going cold turkey is the way to do it but I have tried and failed countless times, quit 25 days ago, started vaping(electronic cigs sort of) you still get the nicotine in vapor form but not all the carcigens and tar, will eventually wean off this but it's been great, no urges, no mood swings and no nasty butts ashes or smells, and now I ride till my legs give out instead of my lungs

Angelis 07-24-12 05:55 AM

Still a pack a day here. I can't see myself being a non-smoker, but I wouldn't mind the extra money.

miles.lowry 07-24-12 07:00 AM

I'm trying the electronic cigs, I have gut down to half a pack a day from two packs that way.

straykat71 07-24-12 07:05 AM

I use the electronic cigs. I haven't had a real cig in 7 months. I plan on stopping the electronic cig by year end. Wish me luck!

longhaultrucker 07-24-12 03:13 PM

There are places that you can walk in and try the esmoke anyone in Phoenix wants to know there is a shop at 55th and bell road called zidwicks next to the shell. It's not the same but you still get the only thing that a real cig has to offer. And a lot cheaper at about 25 a week.

Penny4 07-24-12 04:11 PM

I quit 5 years ago after about 20 years of smokig. I used the patch and a lot of jedi mind tricks ;) on myself.

I will admit, there are certain times that I miss it, but I've never come close to picking another cig since the day I quit.

I knew I had to quit when i couldn't walk up my stairs without wheezing. :eek:

PhotoJoe 07-24-12 04:23 PM

To those who are quitting....keep up the good work. I'm sure it's one of the hardest things to do, but it will be worth it! To those who have quit - congrats.

I just wrapped up a year of chemo. IT SUCKS!!!! Mine wasn't related to smoking, but I can't imagine doing something that would cause that I know what it's like.

Jeepescu 07-25-12 03:43 AM

I quit smoking 6 years ago in a new years resolution and never looked back. Smoked for about 18 years, from 18 to 36.
I was amazed at how easy it was for me to quit. I never dream of smoking ( my mom does, 15 years after she quit), I am never attracted by a cigarette.
Now I am just wondering how could I be so stupid to smoke for so many years.

dramiscram 07-26-12 05:09 PM

Smoked for 19 years 1/2 pack a day average. Been smoke free for a year ( well... next week in fact) and I fell like I'm 20 years younger. I have pump for asthma probably for the rest of my life but with the pump it's almost like I never smoked.

rangerbill 07-26-12 06:52 PM

I don't smoke, other than the occasional cigar with a liberal amount of whiskey. LOL I do dip regularly, and am banned from pace lines for that reason.:D Just kidding I do dip and some one in a pace line spotted the can in my sock and poked some fun with me staying behind when I did that.

Blinkie 07-26-12 08:44 PM

I smoke pipes and cigars. Sometimes I have several in a week, and sometimes I go a long while without smoking one. It depends on a lot of factors, but I don't intend to give them up any time soon.

gforeman 07-28-12 11:11 AM


hamiltonian 07-28-12 12:47 PM

I smoked for more than forty years. It took me ten years and over a hundred attempts to finally quit smoking, but I did it. My last cigarette was March 7, 2008. Quitting is hard, but it's worth it.

ETA: On topic with this sub-forum, I unfortunately gained 50 lbs from quitting smoking that I hope to cycle away. But it was still worth quitting. The COPD and puffers were affecting my quality of life. Now there are no puffers, and I don't get bronchitis/pneumonia two or three times a year anymore.

jbiddenback 07-28-12 02:32 PM

I smoke. I've smoked since age 14, and I'm 31 now. I managed to quit for about six months once, but I quit for the wrong reason, and when the reason evaporated I was right back at it, and smoking more than before. I mean to try again, but right now I'm desperately seeking employment, and I can't show up to interviews as a sub-human wreck from withdrawal. I pretty much turn into Gollum when I'm quitting. I'll save that for when I've already proved my worth to whoever provides my rent money.

lsberrios1 07-28-12 03:23 PM

I still smoke about 3/4 of a pack a day. Only smoke once in between rides for a little 10 minute break. Would like to quite but it is just too good to be able to take a break and go outside at work for a breath of "fresh air".

XR2 07-30-12 07:05 AM

Stopped cigarettes 10 years ago. Still enjoy an occasional cigar in the evening.

PhotoJoe 07-30-12 10:21 AM

MOD NOTE: gforeman edited his post. I cleaned up the residual from that post. This forum has always been one of encouragement. Hoping we can keep it that way.

gforeman 07-30-12 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by PhotoJoe (Post 14544814)
MOD NOTE: gforeman edited his post. I cleaned up the residual from that post. This forum has always been one of encouragement. Hoping we can keep it that way.

My apologies. After a visit with mom to the respiratory clinic, I was not in a good place.

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