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Mrs.Hill-Pumper 08-12-12 10:05 PM

I did it!!
It feels really good to accomplish the cover bridge tour! 40 miles of country scenery! 1st hill was much easier to get over this year, in fact all the hills didn't seems as big this year. We did have to stop shortly due to train at crossing, but took the break to gulp down the water. Enjoyed the wonderful spread at 1st rest stop, grapes, peanut butter and jelly bagel and of coarse more water! We saw horses, cows, sheep, and of coarse the covered bridges. 2nd rest stop we had watermelon, cantaloupe, and more water, we also drove through the water mister on our bike to clear the dust and cool off. I felt the 2nd rest stop was too close to the first, I could have gone further before stopping but it was getting really hot. I believe the temp. today got up to 95 degrees, however we started at around 7:30a.m and got to the finish by 11:30a.m to beat the major heat. I can't explain how good it makes me feel I completed this and my hubby and 7 year old daughter where with me to witness it.:):):):):):):roflmao:

I'm going to attempt a metric with my hubby next month! So I will keep spinning away.:thumb:

Beachgrad05 08-12-12 10:24 PM

Woot! :cheers:

Seriously am so happy for your success!

szewczykm 08-12-12 10:33 PM

Congratulations, that's really great!

Bluish Green 08-12-12 10:37 PM


When I made my first successful bicycle commute home, my kids were in the driveway cheering for me. It's a nice feeling.

Of course, now bicycle commuting is business as usual and they think it is just normal - but you never forget that first time experience.

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