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Mrs.Hill-Pumper 08-13-12 09:42 AM

oh yeah, I forgot to mention,
I forgot to tell you in my report of yesterdays ride, I swallowed my first bug, yuck!!! I don't know what kind and I don't really care thankfully it was real small! Must remember to keep mouth closed while riding!

PhotoJoe 08-13-12 10:29 AM

It's just extra protein, and you don't have any trash to throw away!

ainkor 08-13-12 11:21 AM

That's the hardest thing for me about evening riding. My HR is usually right about 150 as I'm riding and I need to be sucking down some O2 to keep going. Breathing through your nose just doesn't cut it for me.

I take the bugs as an impromptu protein snack :P

It's funny, if it wasn't for my bad shin splints, I can run for a REALLY long time once my breathing gets in stride with my running. Biking is different. Gotta learn how to breath better :)

Beachgrad05 08-13-12 11:19 PM

Some rides on the river trails here can be bad with bugs. Have brought bandana to cover my mouth....

adrien 08-14-12 02:30 AM

the worst are the ones that sting you. Had one of those on the lip the other day, at 28mph on a road bike. I managed to survive, but had a very swollen lip for a couple of days.

My aunt had a wasp go into her helmet and sting her scalp. She said the sting was worse from the scrapes from the crash....

Closed Office 08-14-12 05:32 PM

It makes me appreciate winter cycling. About 4 months of bug free weather a year up here by the Arctic circle.

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