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youcoming 08-13-12 12:19 PM

A Clyde on a Big Ride
Yesterday was the day. Left the house with two brother inlaws at 5:20 in the morning and got off bike for last time at 7:20pm. What a great day, not to hot, no rain and a lovely tailwind the whole way. In the end we did 380km with a 32.4kph average, can't wait till next year!!!

ZippyThePinhead 08-13-12 12:45 PM

Pretty good. I had to convert your numbers to American-friendly numbers to really get a sense of it: 380 km = 236 miles, and 32.4 k/h = 20.12 mph average speed. Very impressive. Pictures?

vesteroid 08-13-12 01:27 PM

All I can say is I hope I can be you one day when I grow up...i couldnt currently even dream of hitting that speed over that distance.

Beachgrad05 08-13-12 02:55 PM

What he said. :thumb: Good job

Black wallnut 08-13-12 03:24 PM

Wow! Good job on the ride. Both numers are quite remarkable.

PhotoJoe 08-13-12 03:31 PM

Impressive is an understatement. Great job!

Brando_T. 08-13-12 07:01 PM

very impressive, great work. Do you have a route map?

bigfred 08-13-12 07:13 PM


Jeff Pedals 08-13-12 07:49 PM

Wow..20mph average over that distance is worth celebrating... that is hard to maintain an average speed such as that no matter if the wind is helping.

youcoming 08-15-12 06:45 PM

Here is a map, it's a very flat route as you can see, next year I'm going to work on a different route to try and go arouund some of the towns.

E.S. 08-15-12 07:04 PM

Wow! Awesome speed over such a distance.

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