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historian 09-17-12 10:21 AM

Random musings of a new clyde
Been getting a lot of wonderful info out of these forums and thought I'd say hello/share my experience with my new hobby so far.

2 years ago I was pretty fit, 180lbs, running half marathons. Then I fishined a PhD dissertation, moved cities (and country) twice, wife got pregnant and I gained 60lbs. Last chrismas I saw a picture of me with my newborn son and thought "man I got fat!" I topped the scales at 240 and I was climbing fast, it was time to get back to my old self. I joined a gym, fixed my diet (mostly) and lost 20 lbs in a blink. But then I plateaued, lost motivation and started gaining weight again. I needed to shake things up, but didn't know how. Well luckily I live about 100 meters from a wonderful bike path "la route verte" and I decided to take advantage of it. I went to my LBS and got myself a which feels like riding a cloud and started riding. So far I've put almost 250km on it in about 6 weeks and I don't think I ever had this much fun being outside. I've defeated my plateau and weight creep and I'm down 8lbs since I got it.

Over the last 6 weeks I have:

Discovered a completely different perspective on my city
Found out how awesome padded shorts are
made appreciable C/V gains
Biked a marathon! (I'm really proud of that milestone)
Forgotten to unclip and fallen over a few times


jsigone 09-17-12 10:36 AM

welcome to the board and back to riding. Don't forget to look sideways when riding through the city, its a much different perspective then behind a windshield. And yah get the best shorts you can afford.

Beachgrad05 09-17-12 11:22 AM

Welcome to the C/A forum! Nice looking bike. :D

islandseas 09-17-12 11:25 AM

Welcome from another newcomer.....enjoy your bike and especially all the successes you achieve with it. Karen

Rootman 09-17-12 12:43 PM


Originally Posted by jsigone (Post 14741262)
. . . Don't forget to look sideways when riding through the city, its a much different perspective then behind a windshield. . .

Yeah, I took the wife in our car and pointed out some spots where the trails I ride cross or parallel the road, I had a heck of a time in a few spots, it looks so different from in a car. The view is definitely better from a bike!

chaapa 09-17-12 06:18 PM

Welcome! I can relate to the falling over part. Happened to me a few times not so long ago.

rumrunn6 09-24-12 02:49 PM

sweet bike, man!

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