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ziso 09-17-12 10:51 AM

Would you order one, even as a novelty piece?
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I came across this article today and thought it would be interesting to debate :)

Any thoughts?

IBOHUNT 09-17-12 10:58 AM

if it comes with 700c tires/tubes those alone are worth the $10

jsigone 09-17-12 11:00 AM

I don't need a dental bill if that fork fails.....

Doohickie 09-17-12 11:24 AM

1. It will cost more than $9 for tubes/tires, bearings, brakes, cables, etc.

2. I doubt it will be durable.

3. No.

BionicChris 09-17-12 01:31 PM

Maybe, if only to try and top a Strava segment on it...

The_DK 09-17-12 01:54 PM

it looks like it brakes on the tires themselves.

Rootman 09-17-12 02:35 PM

No, it's obviously a fixey :)

And I would probably leave it out in the rain after a few weeks and therefore waste my $9.

ziso 09-17-12 02:52 PM

Just buy one every three months and have a very new bike for most of the year, no?

Esteban58 09-17-12 03:08 PM

That looks like it would be remarkably uncomfortable to ride.

homechicken 09-17-12 04:19 PM

Even for $20 I'd do it. For a conversation piece if nothing else.

Axiom 09-17-12 05:21 PM

Cost to manufacture: $10
Likely SRP: $385

Shellyrides 09-17-12 07:41 PM

Depending on the cost,I could see ordering one and having it shipped ahead on a trip. Even a couple of ones. It would make a great way to look around a new town with out worry if it was stolen. When you leave the are just donate it to a homeless program. Pick up the next bike at the next town and repeat.

Kodiaktt 09-17-12 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by Axiom (Post 14743207)
Cost to manufacture: $10
Likely SRP: $385

What this article isn't telling you is it probably $9 in raw material cost if you build 200,000 of them. That doesn't include everything else. Labor, shipping and design expenses. The list goes on and on.
So the $385 msrp is probably accurate.

Myosmith 09-17-12 09:43 PM

While I won't be ordering a cardboard bike anytime soon, I was just wondering how much this thread resembles some of the early conversations over the first carbon fiber bikes.


I don't need a dental bill if that fork fails.....

I doubt it will be durable

For a conversation piece if nothing else

Snydermann 09-17-12 10:18 PM

First of all, the designer has already made the mistake of marketing the bike as an inexpensive product . The idea of bicycle innovation is designing a less expensive product and then marketing it at an over-inflated price. We all know what happened to Suntour when they just didn't charge enough for their products. Every cyclist knows that the more expensive the product the better it must be. Like a $400.00 seatpost supports a saddle so much better than a $20.00 seatpost it's worth 20 times as much. (Just don't tighten the clamp too much or you'll crush it, or damage the frame, but that's okay, because it's high-tech and it was expensive).

Secondly, don't call the bike "cardboard", call it something like "cellulose matrix". They don't market carbon fiber bikes as "plastic" do they, of course not. That just doesn't sound cool enough for an expensive bike.

Third, pay some pros ride it, then charge a lot of money for it and guys will be fighting to buy it.


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