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SoggySandwich 09-19-12 12:05 PM

Looking for some Advice Trek Ion CX 2013
First off I love this Forum. I am a large rider currently 320 ish and the the Clyde / Athena forum has been a huge wealth of information. I have reached my first weight loss goal (started at 365) and I promised my self a new bike, it also happens to be close to my birthday so I don't feel bad about spending a good chunk of money up to about $1800. I am currently on a Trek 8.3 DS that I got from the LBS and they have been great. Helped me out with a custom wheel after I was bringing the DS in twice a week with another broken spoke.

Anyway on to my situation. I need something to handle my small commute, about 6mi round trip and to do some gravel on the weekend. I also want something quicker than my DS. So my good friend pointed me in the direction of cyclocross. Which seems right. I took a look at 2013 Ion and liked it quite a bit, but my LBS does not have other brands so I do not have much to compare. They carry some Salsa cycles and said they may have a Vaya in stock in a few months. My friend said I should get something from bikes direct, but I really want to support my LBS.

I know Trek is not top of the line, but I am not sure if I want to just default to Trek because it is all my LBS has stocked.


goldfinch 09-19-12 03:34 PM

If your shop sells Salsa cycles they also probably sell Surlys. You might want to look at a Surly Cross Check. If you are doing a lot of gravel you might even do something like the Salsa Fargo.

vesteroid 09-19-12 07:22 PM

Salsa vaya for the win...full apex group, rack and fender mounts, road type geometry, clearance for wide tires so gravel friendly, and simply a cool all around bike (and disk brakes)

justintime8425 09-19-12 09:45 PM

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I just picked up an ion CX for this years cross season, and I'm blown away by the quality. This is definitely a bike that i would feel comfortable riding year round as a road bike. Most cross bikes I've ridden don't quite ride as nice as a true road bike, but the ion is a really tight geometry that handles really well and is very stiff. I'll be using this as mentioned for cross racing and long gravel road rides, but it's versatility makes it a bike that i won't sell at the end of the season. My only complaint is the stock Shimano 105 bike is pretty heavy, if you feel like upgrading i think this could easily be a 17lb. cross bike even with an overbuilt 36hole wheel set. With most cross bikes, the cantilever brakes suck, the avid shorty's on the Ion are better than a lot of brakes out there that I've tried, but you might find a nice mini v brake would give you the extra stopping power us Clydesdales need.

SoggySandwich 09-20-12 09:15 AM

THANKS! Your comments helped. I might try to hold out to see a vaya, but I will probably do what I always do and get impatient. The shop owner is going to let me take a demo ion out for a couple of days next week, if I decide to wait that long. I have seen some Surly bikes in the shop, I might ask about the cross check too.

Thanks again!

boy scout 161 09-20-12 11:31 AM

I have a Specialized Tricross Sport. You might want to check one out. I really like mine.

SoggySandwich 09-21-12 06:58 AM

Bought the Ion, love it.

goldfinch 09-21-12 07:40 AM

Congratulations! But we need a picture!

SoggySandwich 09-21-12 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by goldfinch (Post 14758215)
Congratulations! But we need a picture!

I will get one up later today!

Mondo734 09-22-12 09:52 PM

I havent tried the ion cx but I ride a Specialized Crux with full apex and disc brakes and absolutely love it. the bike weighs about 22 lbs and handled as well as other true road bikes that I rode. I also agree that the tricross would be worth checking out too.

SoggySandwich 09-25-12 06:59 AM

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Originally Posted by goldfinch (Post 14758215)
Congratulations! But we need a picture!

Okay here is a photo, this bike has been great so far. A definite step up from my DS.

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