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fatpunk 09-23-12 01:27 PM

Just set a goal...
So with the weight coming off and i've set a goal for myself. When I hit 299 lbs I am going to buy a new bicycle. I've pretty much out grown my Sedona. I really believe it wasn't made for the amount of miles and time I have put into it. I really want to get something more specialized. I'm torn between getting a Giant Talon 29er MTB or getting a road bike.

I primary ride paved blacktop walk/bike trails and use my sedona to get around town. The city I work in has 2 dedicated single track trails which are just a little too rough for my Sedona and my Gary Fisher is just too uncomfortable to ride. I want to get into road rides but I think it would be a better idea to wait till i'm closer to my goal weight (215 lbs).

If you had to choose what would you do? MTN bike or Road bike? I don't have any plans to get rid of my Sedona I think i'll just keep it as my play around on the multi use trails.

jsigone 09-23-12 02:03 PM

I'd get the road bike now and go venture out before it gets too cold. No reason to wait til Xlbs to enjoy a road bike... You will find your going to do longer rides and easier on a road bike.

TrojanHorse 09-23-12 02:05 PM

Maybe think about getting a cross bike - I'm not sure what kind of trails you have but a cross bike can handle more varied terrain than a road bike.

And I agree with jsigone - get one now so you can reap the benefits now.

Why wait till 215 to get a road bike? I'm 215 now, been riding road bikes for 30 years (including heavier than 215 weights too. :) )

psalm 09-23-12 02:06 PM

Don't know what you weigh right now, but I got my Cannondale CAAD8 at 315 pounds. So if you want a road bike, you can get it way before you hit your 215 goal.

fatpunk 09-23-12 02:45 PM

The weather in SC is year round cycle weather if you don't mind lows in the 30's and highs in 110. I made it through the summer doing 30-40 mile days on my Sedona. Being 380 lbs (425 when I started on my Sedona) i'm a little weary about buying a road bike without having to dump more money into wheels like I did with my Sedona.

ahultin 09-23-12 02:52 PM

Buy the road bike now. I started on a mountain bike Thinking it would be more versatile but once I got the road bike started to ride considerably more often and longer distances. Since my shifter blew up last week I am on the mountain bike again until the new parts come in. It is a significantly different experience.

seymour1910 09-23-12 06:45 PM

I agree with all the others, go and get it if you can afford it now. Some may suggest putting 25's on it vice the standard 23's but that's up to you. If you get it make sure you update us and post pics.

rumrunn6 09-24-12 02:42 PM

road bike.

it took me a long time and a lot of bikes to realize that's where I was supposed to wind up. skip my mistakes and go straight to the head of the class! ;)

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