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Rhodabike 09-25-12 06:26 AM

Show us your statues
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I don't ride to the Shaw Center across town very often, but every time I have, I've noticed how much public statuary there is on the way. So, Sunday was a mellow autumn day, I had plenty of time, and I took pics of a few. Quite a few for just 15 kilometers.
First is a whole field of them, right beside the bike path. I'm kind of partial to the "Day of the Triffids" looking one. (No, I'm not leaning my bike on it - just the pedal on the plinth.)
Then, down at the bottom of University Bridge, this aluminum tumbleweed
A little further on is this athletic bunch, called "Spirit of Youth"
And then a group called Musicians 99, I think.
Getting onto 20th street, there's the double ended muskox
Coming home again, there's Saint SomebodyOrOther outside the Orthodox church, I couldn't get close enough to read the plaque
Then, getting onto 19th street near the farmer's market, a big cat made from rebar.
There were about 4 others, but I couldn't find them on my camera chip, which suggests that it's time for a new chip.

Rhodabike 09-25-12 06:38 AM

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Let's see if I can find the missing ones
Here's one at the bottom of another bridge, I think it's called The Founders. It's in the middle of a traffic circle.
A little further on, the statue of Gabriel Dumont, a major figure in the Northwest Rebellion
Across the green space on another traffic island, an abstract piece. Or perhaps old tractor parts.
Heading north to go home again, a figure of a former Governor General.
There were more than this, but after 30k of riding and 30 minutes of swimming, I was getting hungry and wanted to get home and have lunch.

goldfinch 09-25-12 01:54 PM

Cool! I especially like the first; very Star Trek.

rthomse 09-25-12 07:45 PM

Day of the trifids.Getting old I remember that movie.

indyfabz 09-26-12 11:02 AM

Some dork in front of one of Philly's big tourist draws. I live about 5 blocks away and ride past it fairly frequently. The number of people who come to see it and run up the steps of the museum never ceases to amaze. Sometime I ride by and blurt out "Rocky lost!"

CraigB 09-30-12 07:31 PM

Coming home from breakfast this morning through the little town of Westfield, IN, I came across this one in a small public park:

Condorita 10-01-12 09:11 AM

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The Douglas Memorial, Long Beach CA

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