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digibud 09-27-12 05:05 PM

Last ride of the season in Denali Natl Park - Grizzly pic
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Given the anticipated snow I doubt I'll get another run into Denali. I'll be posting some video link soon but thought you might enjoy this pic. Harsh weather starting out, blue skies by the end. 32mi total with 3,000 feet of climbing.

PhotoJoe 09-27-12 05:09 PM

That has to be a beautiful place to ride!

digibud 09-27-12 05:38 PM

I have a few short videos that I'll be adding to. If you enjoy places like denali you might enjoy viewing these shorts. One is a bit dorky, done for family.. ;). just some bears on the distance and a coyote family stuff but some nice scenery

It really is a great place to ride. Incredible scenery and wildlife viewing.

goldfinch 09-27-12 06:57 PM

Nice videos. What I couldn't help but notice in the second one is the wind blowing. Oh, and the bear and coyote.

My cousin was climbing Mt. McKinley some years ago and broke his leg in a fall. Had to be airlifted off the mountain. He wasn't daunted, he has been back several times to climb it again.

digibud 09-27-12 08:48 PM

In that video I was biking uphill into a wind that blew to...probably 35mph at times. I very nearly got blown off the side of the road at one point. I was cranking along at about 3.5mph sometimes when the grade was steep and the wind was blowing. I had to turn back from that ride at Sable Pass (half way to Polychrome). It was just too nasty with stinging snow and tiny hail. :). Too much fun.

funrover 09-27-12 09:05 PM

So awesome, I want to get to that area soooooo bad! Thanks for the videos!

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