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Mithrandir 09-27-12 07:39 PM

New Bike?

Had a little incident. The bike rack on my car fell off. The top straps simply failed near the stitching and deposited my bike onto the tarmac at approximately 45mph.

The frame is ok. The wheels are toast. And it's going to take until November to get new rims in, so I'm stuck using my hybrid for another month. I'm severely annoyed because I miss the comfort and speed of the road bike.

Seeing as how I've spent so much time off the bike this year due to mechanical mishaps, I'm thinking my backup bike should be another road bike. So I'm in the market for a new bike I think.

I don't know whether I want to keep it cheap or go for something nice. I think that if I do go for a 2nd bike I will try to regularly use it; so I may end up gearing them so that one is a hill climber and one is a flatlander. If that's the case then I would argue it would be worth it to get a nice bike. On the other hand, my current bike has enough gearing for both flats and hills so I'm not sure how useful that will be; so that tends to shift the argument back towards a cheap bike.

So right now I'm looking primarily at 3 frames:

1) Surly Pacer
2) Salsa Vaya
3) Salsa Fargo

I *LOVE* the way the Vaya looks, but the other two are nice as well. I think the order of costliness goes Pacer < Fargo < Vaya, which means the Vaya is the most expensive. The Pacer is the most boring of the 3, but also the cheapest.

Thoughts? Opinions? Alternative suggestions?

vesteroid 09-27-12 07:46 PM

In my opinion the vaya is an awesome bike

TrojanHorse 09-27-12 09:28 PM

The Vaya does look nice - is that technically a cross bike? That's probably a good thing with your not-as-bad-as-Texas-but-still-bad chipseal. It looks really sharp!

Beachgrad05 09-27-12 09:50 PM

Not to derail but Salsa makes a Titanium frame bike :eek: Wonder what it costs

jsigone 09-28-12 12:05 AM

I'd pick up a classic roadie with good tubing from mid 80's and up. $2-400 bucks in good shape and complete, throw on some new tires and bar tape and call it a day. Then have one nice bike for normal use. That way you don't feel bad w/ the 2nd bike just sitting there since little is invested. Plus retro bikes are cool to look at:thumb:

vesteroid 09-28-12 06:17 AM

The things about the salsa I liliked
could run wide tires
had disk brakes
was orange
had full apex group with a 11-32
had fender mmounts had rack mmounts still had a relaxed but road type geometry.

if you google reviews of the vaya you will see lots of guys riding it as their primary road bike, and doing gravel, smoother dirt roads, and even some mild single track

Fangowolf 09-28-12 06:58 AM

Sorry it fell off, was it an older rack? If it was a design flaw maybe tell others the brand/model so they can look out for that problem?
Glad you are able to get a backup.

Mithrandir 09-28-12 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by Fangowolf (Post 14783475)
Sorry it fell off, was it an older rack? If it was a design flaw maybe tell others the brand/model so they can look out for that problem?
Glad you are able to get a backup.

I bought it 7 years ago, but only started using it last year. It was a cheap $40 Allen rack; I bought the cheapest one possible. Only had 2 straps and they both failed.

I'm replacing it with a Saris Bones 805; it looks like it has a much better design. 4 straps and the legs put weight on the bumper, looks like it distributes weight much better. Plus with 4 straps (2 top, 2 side) it seems like if any one of them fails the other 3 will be able to keep the rack stable until it can be replaced. It's got high reviews at least.

Fangowolf 09-28-12 07:14 AM

If you havn't ordered it yet, I traded in my car for a truck and don't need my hollywood rack. Bought it on 8/29/2012 and its just sitting in the garage now.

sstorkel 09-28-12 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by Mithrandir (Post 14782378)
Thoughts? Opinions? Alternative suggestions?

I think it only makes sense to own different bikes if they're going to be seriously different. For example a road bike and a mountain bike. I own three different road bikes (race, touring, cruiser) and two different mountain bikes (FS, rigid). For myself, I find that only one of each type gets ridden with any regularity. The others sit around gathering dust for the most part...

If I were you, I'd upgrade your primary bike to the point where it will be reliable and enjoyable. If you have money left over, consider investing in tools or spare parts so you can quickly repair any problems that come up with it rather than having to wait for a local shop to order parts or work you into their busy repair schedule. If you're at all like me, you won't spend a lot of time riding a back-up bike and you'll likely save quite a bit of money by not buying one.

RichardGlover 09-28-12 10:03 AM

I like the Pacer, but I like steel road frames, so I'm biased.

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