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Jakkar 01-13-13 01:49 PM

Did a ride with a buddy down to Mt. Vernon. Great ride just a bit foggy/wet but pretty nice for January.

bdinger 01-13-13 01:55 PM

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Great ride yesterday, it was the maiden voyage of the studded tires on the LHT, replacing the 700x40 Marathon Duremes (for now) is a gnarly 700x45 Innova in the front and a 700x40 Marathon Winter in the back:

Rode for about an hour and a half around town. No specific destination at all, other than I wanted to stop for lunch at the "preview" opening of my favorite local restaurant. Or rather the only one I'll really eat at, owned by a guy who rides his bike everywhere, locally sources organic produce and makes everything himself. It's all vegetarian, and you always know what's in it. My sweet potato quesadilla (made vegan to avoid any excess calories) was amazing after 90 minutes riding in the 17 degree weather:

Even better are his portion sizes. That's a roughly 10 inch plate, maybe 8. It's hard to find somewhere to eat like this, somewhere that after you leave you feel more charged with energy than when you came in.

More soon! What a great ride yesterday.

Telly 01-14-13 01:40 AM

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Here's a snapshot taken on a evening group ride celebrating the new year.
I'm on the left... (the skinny fella :p)

rideorglide 01-14-13 06:44 AM

New York's Long Island, looking WNW toward Manhattan and the Bronx (obscured by fog)
IMG_20130113_142301 by Phil Mc Flikr, on Flickr

Chitown_Mike 01-14-13 09:27 AM

Man I really need to get back out after seeing these pics. Just not excited about the teen temps we will have this next couple of weeks. I will just have to suck it up I guess!

rideorglide 01-14-13 09:08 PM


Originally Posted by Chitown_Mike (Post 15155172)
Man I really need to get back out after seeing these pics. Just not excited about the teen temps we will have this next couple of weeks. I will just have to suck it up I guess!

More power to you if you do. I'm not quite as inured to cold weather biking as I once was.

But here are some tips on cold weather cycling from Cyclocross Champ Jeremy Powers

goldfinch 01-17-13 02:12 PM

On my clunky hybrid, following the Raim-Wilson trail to Safety Harbor, Florida. The first pic is for Axiom, our speeding scofflaw. I couldn't hold the camera still enough to get a good picture as I was pedaling as hard as I could. Oh well. It took me three passes before I managed to hit 20mph.

The second picture is of my current favorite shoes for riding my hybrid with Ergon pedals. For Neil.

And the last picture is for me, checking the bird tracks:

Telly 01-17-13 04:53 PM

Here's a few pics (already posted on the Commuting forum) of the last couple of days of riding to/from work and errands... I was lucky enough to ride between major rain and storms during hourly+ patches of almost clear skies, arriving at my destination just before all hell broke loose!

Unfortunately the weather looks very bleak for tomorrow and most of the weekend with thunderstorms, gusting winds and heavy rains making any sort of cycling very treacherous.

Here's a couple of views from the southern suburbs of Athens along the seaside

Yesterday (Wednesday) was particularly bad with high winds, heavy rainfall and low visibility.

Doohickie 01-19-13 12:19 AM

A few pics from today's ride: Pizza for lunch at Zio Carlo's. I love their pizza.

This is a painting at Zio Carlo's. This painting is like a train wreck. You want to look away but you can't. That's okay, the more you look, the more hilarious it gets.

You probably can't get the full effect of the painting from the image above, so I uploaded a much larger version here. I suggest viewing it full size so you can see the detail, start from the bottom and work your way up. Note, for instance, what the dancer in the front is holding in her extended hand.

Painted at a random intersection in Fort Worth's Near Southside:

My ride for the day- the 1983 Raleigh Super Course.

Telly 01-19-13 04:25 AM

..and here's a shot with typical winter weather for Athens! lol

goldfinch 01-19-13 08:06 AM

Love the bicycle graffiti on the street.

iamtim 01-19-13 11:49 AM

Here's a shot from last weekend at the top of La Habra Heights in So. Cal.

Doohickie 01-19-13 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by goldfinch (Post 15173899)
Love the bicycle graffiti on the street.

It's pretty well tolerated in that neighborhood, which is pretty much the bike capital of Fort Worth.

jsigone 01-19-13 08:59 PM

few pics from my ride this 57mile morning, lovely 70* in socal:thumb:

nuke power plant and san clemente island in the background (normally hidden in marine layer)

Coffee stop...ummm good, this was my turn around point watching

people and wave watching before hitting the road again

thejokell 01-19-13 11:10 PM

Quick 11 mile ride today. Love going to this lake because it has a 1.5 mile path around it.

Doohickie 01-19-13 11:40 PM

What great scenery pics. I just have my bike parked at the coffee shop

...and a pic or two near Texas Christian University (TCU)

Mr. Beanz 01-23-13 08:15 PM

Yeah, I know my wheel building sucks but I finally got a chance to ride my latest build today. :D

Of course another Deep V :thumb:

jsigone 01-23-13 11:11 PM

found a nocturnal grommet on the trail during my night ride
Trailside spectator at cala by jsigone, on Flickr

vesteroid 01-24-13 12:14 PM


gunner65 01-24-13 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by Doohickie (Post 15093879)
30 fixed gear miles this afternoon. With 69 more miles I can break 4000 for the year.

About 6 miles from downtown Fort Worth, still solidly in the city:

Nice Cock!

Doohickie 01-24-13 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by gunner65 (Post 15194261)
Nice Cock!

My '94 Nishiki Sport XRS, on my commute today (36 miles round trip)

tergal 01-24-13 11:59 PM

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When that little voice says " you can make it home before it rain" Don't listen to him ... lying little bugger

Doohickie 01-25-13 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by tergal (Post 15196122)
When that little voice says " you can make it home before it rain" Don't listen to him ... lying little bugger

Ha! You need fenders.

I broke a bunch of spokes that way.... climbing a steep hill, with a headwind and a thunderstorm at my back.

iforgotmename 01-25-13 09:46 AM

Great pics everyone, there is only one problem...a lack of the piles of white stuff that surround me on a daily basis. I'll get some pics today on my way to Critical Mass. Temps are finally out of the teens with low winds woo hoo.

Doohickie 01-25-13 12:42 PM

Gonna get some good video of the CM ride?

Our last CM ride was lame... only 10 people. I think that the issue is that because our weather is usually warmer even during the winter, if CM happens to fall on a cold day, people just skip it because they know they can ride when it's warmer in a few days. In places like Cleveland, maybe fewer people are out riding due to extended cold periods, but use CM as their excuse to get their bike out and ride. Plus it looks like CM is just a bigger deal in Cleveland than in Ft. Worth. Our biggest CM ever was probably between 100 and 150 riders.

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