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skilsaw 11-09-12 04:35 PM

It's happening!
Beginning in 2004, my weight increased from 220 to 250. I wasn't pigging out, just eating a bit too much.

Last year I decided I needed to lose some weight. I don't starve myself. Just holding back on the snacks and forgoing that extra helping. Today I'm 242.5 lbs.

Not anything to be particularly proud of, but the direction and trend are correct.
If I keep this up, I'll be back in 36 inch waist jeans by 2020. And I'll be able to wear XL clothes, instead of XXL.


SeanBlader 11-09-12 08:10 PM

Food sucks. I don't find most of it so appealing that I have to eat a lot of it, mainly I blame my prior clydeness on the fact that I'm a programmer and I sit at a desk all day long without a good way to burn calories. My objective though is to be a slim 160lbs and to be able to say I'm a brogrammer. :-) And I really don't want to wait until 2020! Long way to go still.

skilsaw 11-10-12 02:19 AM

Some say being a healthy weight is a life style. Not a blitz diet where your weight yo-yos back on after you add some food to the six grapefruits and 12 glasses of water a day that you called a diet.

I think I'm headed in the right direction for a new lifestyle. Gotta lose that belly fat that makes me a candidate for diabetes and heart failure. I'll have to change my phone number after all the chicks start phoning for dates with the new man.

Good luck on your transformation SeanBlader. Make it a good one.

Mark Stone 11-10-12 08:12 AM

You both are doing great and are saving your lives by making healthy decisions. One way I look at it which may help: Look at the weight not as the disease, but as a symptom and then the poor lifestyle as the disease. Spend your time and energy treating the disease (by improving lifestyle) and the symptoms fall away. Skilsaw you hit it right on the head when you said "Some say being a healthy weight is a lifestyle". Onward and downward! :thumb:

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