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Ursa Minor 11-11-12 06:11 PM

Really good sports nutrition video
The video talks about the physiology of exercise and glucose metabolism. I hope you like it.

moochems 11-12-12 01:12 AM

I watched nearly all of the video. It adds legitimacy to what might otherwise be seen as overly expensive cornstarch. I am curious how corn starch (like from the grocery store) would have looked under such scrutinization that was given to glucose, sucrose, maltodextrin, and superstarch. For that matter I would have liked more info on what Argo is. I've seen Argo written on boxes of cornstarch before, I always thought that was the brand.

Ursa Minor 11-12-12 08:43 AM

Thanks for watching it. Although the site looks commercial its not. The guy who does the video presentation is a medical
doctor who as an athlete wasnt losing weight and went on a long jorney to find out why. He finally settled on a low carb diet
and got to normal weight but he still had trouble refueling on his long bike rides. The stuff he talks about (which btw I havent tried yet) looks to solve a lot of his refueling problems. Im not pushing it - like I said I havent tried it yet.

moochems 11-13-12 01:24 AM

Im thinking about getting some too. Farking pricey though. I wonder if it makes water significantly thicker.

goldfinch 11-13-12 02:44 PM

It is modified corn starch, modified through a hydrothermal treatment. Argo is a brand name, a trademark. Modified corn starch has been used to treat glycogen storage disease to prevent hypoglycemia. As far as performance by athletes, refueling while exercising, and help in fat loss, the jury appears to be still out.

A brief review of the published research:

treebound 11-14-12 08:41 AM

Some of this stuff/information needs to be studied a bit before a person can apply it to their own needs. I do not know if this super starch stuff would be good or bad or neutral for me, but I will read up on it a little.

One question I do have is relative to a comment on that page:
Comment by Nicholas L. October 23, 2012
= = = begin partial quote = = =
I’ve only used it a couple times since I got it—once after a run and once before a run. The post-workout run was excellent for me (I was previously well-fueled), and consuming it afterwards and checking my serum glucose and ketone levels showed that my ketone levels were, if anything, enhanced by the SS supplementation (ketones went 2.1 mmol/L before to 4.1 just after the run and immediately prior to the SS drink, and then up to 5.5 mmol/L an hour later—the highest ketone concentration I have recorded in myself. My BG went 86 mg/dL (pre) -> 81 (post) -> 71 (+1 hr). So that went phenomenally. But supplementing 30 minutes prior to a (slightly shorter) run of just over an hour, I observed my ketones went from 4 mmol/L prior to ingestion to just over 3 when I returned from the run (I was out of glucose strips for that test, so no numbers there). I also subjectively had a lot of trouble on that run, which I believe was probably due to some degree of undernutrition in the days prior.
= = = end partial quote = = =

So, how exactly does one test their own serum glucose and ketone levels? Does not sound like something that can be tested and checked at home.

Ursa Minor 11-14-12 09:29 AM

You can test ketones using ketosticks from any drug store. Just pee on one and the color after 15 seconds shows the ketone level
usually in mg/dL but you can convert that to mmol/L using a google search. To test blood sugar you can buy a glucose meter and test strips at any drug store. I recommend doing this since its very helpful in monitoring whatever diet you are on.

bigfred 11-14-12 02:54 PM

I watched the presentation. The first thing I thought was, but I don't drink an entire bottle at the beginning of the hour and then nothing more until the next hour. I suspect their researc results would look very different if the subjects where sipping on their bottles even 10-15 minutes. It would certainly flatten the blood glucose and insulin spikes. And I wonder if the SS would be able to deliver sufficient energy over the short term. It's slow digestion may be a benefit post workout, but, not so much during the workout.

Hmmm, don't know that I'll be trying it, but, at least it got me thinking and re-examining my nutrition strategy for next weeks century. I think I'm sorted.

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