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Max R 11-13-12 09:04 PM

Help choosing... Giant Roam 2 or Trek 4300???
For starters, I'm 6'2" 330lbs and trying to decide on a bike to get. My riding will be 60/40 paved/unpaved terrain so I'm looking more to a MTB setup. Looking at the specs, the only differences i see are the crank/cassette gearing, brakes, front forks, the Trek has internal derailer cable routing (which may be good or bad). My budget is roughly $1000, so I chose these 2 options to leave room for a couple accessories and spare parts to have on hand. If you where going to the shop to buy either of these steeds, which one would you return home with?

Also, I'm mildly concerned as to how well the 32H 29" wheels on the Giant will hold up with my weight versus the 32h 26" wheel on the trek. Comments?

Thanks for the help!:thumb:

tergal 11-13-12 09:41 PM

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Hi , and welcome

You are about the same weight as me but a bit shorter :p . I love my trek 4300 but i will point out its weakness.

The drive train is nothing special, i often have to get mine checked and everything realigned/adjusted this could just be because i am rough but the components are on the lower end of the spectrum. The Disc breaks are great they stop well but to much rough riding can leave them needing adjustments.

Both of these problems would be easy to fix yourself if you are happy to spend a bit of time on the weekends maintaining the bike.

Now the biggest issue, the back wheel ... mine lasted about 6 months then i started get spoke problems . In the end i had it rebuilt with a new rim (chukker) and since then it has been fine.

The good,

I love mine i commute to work everyday with it , and it is sitting behind me atm begging me to go for a ride :)
The frame seems to take my abuse well, if i was smart i would put a panier and some fenders on it ...

What color are you looking at ? mine is black and orange gag worthy at first but it really starts to grow on you .
Oh mine is a 2011 Disc , i think . Purchased mine last year November.
Bike at night, it was pouring rain and my partner forgot her umbrella so i rode to meet her with is strapped to the side of the bike :D
the new back rim

tergal 11-13-12 09:52 PM

Oh and the stock tyes on my 4300 where paper thin, you will want new ones ASAP :p

Mark Stone 11-14-12 07:03 AM

Both are great bikes. I own a 4300 Trek (a little older model - from 2005) and also a Giant and the quality is high on both. Frankly, I think you should get the one that you think looks coolest! Have you been able to test-ride? At Clyde Weight smaller gears may be a positive so you can spin. If it was me I'd buy both - - :)

chefisaac 11-14-12 03:04 PM

I own the Roam 1 and Love it. First, Giant really stands behind their products. Second, it's a nice ride. If you need more details, feel free to drop me a note.

tergal 11-18-12 04:08 PM

Sooo , which did you get ... Pics :p

Max R 02-21-13 10:40 PM

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Had a slight delay in purchasing a ride due to the holidays and having to do some traveling for work, but I finally picked up some wheels on Feb. 6th. It is a Trek Marlin GF edition MTB. I managed to do 9 miles on it tonight before a storm started to roll in bringing my total mileageso far to 27 miles. Goal is to clock 75 miles this month. Anyways, enough jibber jagged from me, here's a pic...

LiamSkymom 02-22-13 08:40 AM

Congrats on the new bike. Looks good.

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