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TrojanHorse 11-18-12 07:54 PM

Hit the 79 mile strava challenge today
went for a little jaunt with ahultin, thought we'd see the sights in Orange and LA County.

Sorry none of the rest of you could make it, we did have a good day on the bikes, and despite the threat of rain yesterday, it was absolutely beautiful out today.

If you look carefullly at our route, you'll see that we started out, went about 5 miles and turned around. That would be me forgetting my water bottles. Oops. You'll also see the world's longest tire change right near the end... my inner tube appears to weld itself to the tire, so I couldn't get the flipping tire off.

We kept an eye out for Beach Grad because we rode right by her hood, and Beanz was nowhere to be found - i thought for sure he'd be holding court at the head of SART but no dice. Or we were too late, one or the other.

The temperature was mostly between 60 and 70 for the entire ride, which was fantastic. We only really had nasty head wind for about 5 miles on SGRT, the part between Coyote creek and Seal Beach. I think we went from averaging about 19 down to 13, it was like a kick in the teeth.

lsberrios1 11-18-12 07:58 PM

Seems like great ride. I cant imagine how it would be to ride seaside with the view of the ocean. Breathtaking. Also cool you get to ride with other BF members. :thumb:

TrojanHorse 11-18-12 08:19 PM

Well, as I pointed out to ahultin today, it's a much different ride in the height of summer. :D Traffic is a lot heavier and you have to dodge countless half naked women walking between the beach and whatever it is they're walking towards.

There are plenty of clydes on this forum in the Atlanta area - organize something up!

Black wallnut 11-18-12 09:19 PM

Kudos to you two! It was rainy here yesterday so my only real chance was today. I tried but due to a number of factors fell short of the goal.

TrojanHorse 11-18-12 10:01 PM

I was all in today, rain or not. I can tell you I'm glad it didn't rain though. I had some ache and pain issues along the way.. and ol' ahultin was just steaming along, smooth as you like. :)

It was a fun challenge though - for a change they had one that I could actually hit without taking vacation time or having my wife divorce me.

Beachgrad05 11-18-12 10:03 PM

Hit the 79 mile strava challenge today
Sorry I was not out to cheer you guys. Went to breakfast with hubby since I can't ride (Doc orders). Plus got up late due to being out late last night at Rush concert to celebrate husbands birthday.

Beachgrad05 11-18-12 10:48 PM

Hard to reply fully on mobile app.

Congrats on meeting the challenge! I am so disappointed that I couldn't do it but allowing my knee to get better and not make it worse was best idea.

TrojanHorse 11-19-12 01:21 AM

Yup, take care of your knee... it was a GORGEOUS day today though; nothing wrong at all.

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