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goldfinch 11-19-12 01:22 PM

700 x 32 tire recommendations?
Husband bought a flat bar road bike from Nashbar. It came with 25c tires. The rims should take tires as wide as 32 or 35 and there is plenty of clearance. He would like to put wider tires on the bike, for comfort. Tire recommendations? Flat are rarely an issue in Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa where he mostly rides. He will be riding some down in Texas this winter, mostly on paved bike paths.

chasm54 11-19-12 01:27 PM

I like the Schwalbe Durano. Fairly light, grippy, last well, altogether a nice tyre. If he wanted greater puncture protection (the Durano isn't bad) then the Durano Plus gives an extra protective layer at the cost of some extra weight and slightly less "feel".

sstorkel 11-19-12 07:52 PM

I like Vittoria's Randonneur Pro and Randonneur Hyper. The Pro offers a bit more puncture protection than the Hyper, but you pay for it in (slightly) increased weight. If you're looking for a less expensive tire, the Panaracer Pasela Tourguard seems to be recommended quite a bit over in the touring forum.

maidenfan 11-19-12 09:26 PM

I've run the bontrager hardcase in 32's with zero problems. The panaracer ribmo is another good choice. I really, really like my schwalbe marathon supremes I'm running on my mtb bike right now 29x2.0. First two are a great value for the money. The marathon supremes are better (IMO), but darn near twice the price.

CliftonGK1 11-19-12 11:35 PM

I've been rocking some Panaracer Pasela TGs for a long time, and my other choice has been the Panaracer Urban Max (which is just the Pasela tread on a tougher casing.) Both perform admirably, and in a few thousand miles my only flat on either one has been from a carton staple, which will kill any normal tire.

goldfinch 11-20-12 08:21 AM

Thanks. The Panaracer Pasela's seem like a good tire and are less pricey than most. I'll see what I can track down.

corwin1968 11-20-12 08:52 AM

I'm running 32mm Vittoria Randonneur Hypers and can highly recommend them. They are fast, light, comfortable and corner really well. If flats are not a concern and he likes speed, he might consider the Grand Bois line at They are supposed to be very light, supple and comfortable performance driven tires and I believe they are made by Panaracer.

chipcom 11-20-12 08:56 AM

I love my Conti Top Contacts...but they are a bit pricey. Conti Contacts are good, as are Vittoria Randonneurs .

goldfinch 11-21-12 11:49 AM

Well, I ended up getting him Vittoria Randonneurs. I stopped at a little bike shop and asked whether they had any tires and they said they had this set which they removed from a bike they were selling because the buyer wanted different tires. So, I got a good price. Put them on his bike and he is good to go!

indyfabz 11-21-12 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by chipcom (Post 14967577)
Conti Contacts are good,....

Rode to work this morning on a pair.

wvridgerider 11-21-12 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by indyfabz (Post 14971896)
Rode to work this morning on a pair.

Had a pair of contacts several years ago and got many flatfree miles out of them.

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