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kinetic 11-19-12 02:21 PM

Hollow Rail saddles
I am running around 265lbs right now and am eyeing the Romin Expert saddle as an upgrade to the stock one on the new bike. My concern is the hollow Ti rails......can they hold up to this sort fo weight? Anyone had experience with hollow rails at our size?

Mr. Beanz 11-19-12 02:51 PM

I've been using a Terry fly ti hollow rails since 2005. The saddle wore out before the rails (partially due to a tear on the side, bike fell over). I'm on a second one since 2010.

I'm your weight and have had no problems.

Strange thing though. Gina is far less than I am but her cromo tubes on a Specialized saddle broke! :eek:....Maybe it was a mfg defect and it seemed to break right at the bend near the rear of the rail. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced it no questions asked, no receipt, nothing, just took it back and handed us a new one while saying "that shouldn't have happened. The saddle was a year old:thumb:

vesteroid 11-19-12 04:14 PM

I have ti rails on my saddle and its a UL saddle at that and they held up under me from 230 down.

maidenfan 11-19-12 09:28 PM

I used a specialized saddle (forget the name) with the "hollow ti" rails with zero problems from 280's down to the 240's.

Ali_Pine 11-20-12 07:04 AM

'tubes' are sometimes stronger than 'solid' metal.

Nothings foolproof - we just make better fools.

I think the answer is to get a good warrenty.

NaterTots 11-20-12 04:33 PM

I just bought a Specialized Romin Evo Comp as an upgrade on my stock Specialized Reva, when I was shopping I considered the expert, and was suggested by one of the gurus at my LBS to the Evo Comp. All the lower-end Romin models (ie non S-works) were basically the same carbon reinforced seat pan with different rails, he said unless I was a total weight weenie that I wouldn't notice that much of a difference between the two models, and even at that they are only an ounce or two apart in weight and about $30 cheaper. Just my $.02

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