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jeneralist 11-19-12 07:09 PM

SEPA: Used Trek 7.2s going on sale
I know that the Trek 7.2 is commonly cited as a particularly Clyde-friendly bike, so I thought I'd pass this along: my LBS, Human Zoom in the Manayunk section of Philly, rents Trek 7.2s by the hour and by the day. Every year, at the end of the season, it sells off the fleet. This year, the sale will start Nov 23rd. You can check out their web page ( to sign up for their Facebook/Twitter for more info.

In other SEPA news: ran (well, jogged, mostly) the Philly half-marathon yesterday.
Today is full of ouch.

bbeasley 11-19-12 07:15 PM

Wow a half Mary! Congratulations on that one! I hope to do one someday.

vesteroid 11-19-12 07:25 PM

Totally not fair. Believe me when I crossed the finish line of my first one this year, I was NOT smiling like you were. Way to go!

jeneralist 11-20-12 06:54 AM

The marathon, like so much of public athleticism in Philadelphia, is organized around the Art Museum and the "Rocky" steps. Folks completing the half-marathon approach from the north on the west side of the museum, run right past the Rocky steps, and then -- look for the finish. I expected the finish to be in sight of the steps, but no! Another tenth of a mile, then another, jogging along with the marathoners (who came in on the east side of the museum) on my left, hearing the crowd cheer and looking for the darn finish! Finally it came into view.

Sayre Kulp 11-20-12 09:43 AM

Great job!

vesteroid 11-20-12 10:08 AM

I don't think most people realize how difficult running a half is. Of course it's like anything else, it takes training. It's still odd to me how different running and biking are. I ran my half in early may and would have assumed I could jump on a bike and ride 50 miles with ease...not so.

now that I am fit enough to ride a century, I know I can't go out and run even 10 miles now. I did a five mile last week just to see where I was fitness wise, and I for sure didn't have another 5 in me.

working out a 16 week training plan with two days of speed work / hill repeats / tempo runs. Two days of endurance trainer rides of 1.5 hours. One long run per week, and two other days to either rest or ski.

should be interesting.

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