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bigfred 11-25-12 10:02 AM

Goal Crushed! A massive suceess.
Last August I got back on the bike seriously, after being encouraged to enter the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge by a group of friends. A 12 week zero to hero saw me complete the 153km course in 7:30. Having enjoyed myself and not suffered "too bad" I declared a public goal of returning this year and completing the course in under 6:00.

Well, a year of training has paid off. On saturday we returned to Taupo and the great event.

I completed the course in 5:31! Woohoo!

I made plenty of mistakes and could have ridden even quicker, but, goal achieved. I got lured by some of my Saturday riding mates into starting with too fast a group and went way too hard early in a futile effort to stay with them.

Here's the strava course if any are interested:

Next year, sub 5:00.

Dad 2 3 11-25-12 10:11 AM

95 miles with 5800+ feet of climbing in 5:31.

Congrats! It's very cool when you see training and hard work come to fruition. It's threads like these that keep me in the saddle.:thumb:

Buckeye370 11-25-12 10:13 AM

Well done!

maidenfan 11-25-12 10:49 AM

Nice work man.

TrojanHorse 11-25-12 11:49 AM

Wow, great job!

Mr. Beanz 11-25-12 12:14 PM

Nice! :thumb:

bigwies 11-25-12 01:23 PM

Great job! Keep up the good work.

vesteroid 11-25-12 02:56 PM

Awesome Fred, that's really impressive. I hope to get to that level next season.

IndianaRecRider 11-25-12 09:14 PM



tpy2010 11-25-12 11:56 PM

Very impressive!

jsigone 11-26-12 12:15 AM

3 minutes of resting time, I take it there were no red lights LOL. Congrats on hitting your goal.

bigfred 11-26-12 12:41 AM

Thanks Guys,

Mrs. Fred has asked that I take a break for the "serious" training for a couple months. Not riding, just 5 hour Saturdays and 12+ hr weeks. Not to worry though, we're heading to OZ for Christmas and going to cycle a bit of the Great Ocean Road along with another couple and I'll probably do a 110km race in late January (Tour de Ranges).

Between now and a few months from now I plan to put a plan together that should see me achieve <5:00 next November. My weakness was and continues to be climbing speed. So, watts/kg is king. To that end I would like to loose another 5-10 kg below my low point of 115kg. I'm about 117 at the moment. Gasp, a "slip", I know, but, I'm not calling it a "failure" when the gain occured in the last few weeks before achieving my cycling goal:-) In addition to the weight loss, I figure if I can increase my power by about 10% I'll have the speed I need. Then it will be a matter of increasing my endurance at those sort of figures. So I don't start cramping at the 60th km, like I did on Saturday.

I can tell you, 93km of crap management is not a lot of fun. But, I also established a new base line/bar height with regard to cycling with such an elavated heart rate for so long in those first 60k.

Thankfully I didn't suffer any mechanicals or serious health issues. But, two guys suffered flats while immediately alongside me in groups during the day. One poor guy was on carbon rims. I can report the sound of carbon on chipseal at 40+kph is an expensive and gut wrenching one. The scariest moment occured when someone at the front and in the middle of a group went down. To the best of my knowledge, we all missed him. As the group parted like the Red Sea around him I ended up forced off into the gravel. I stayed up and regained the pavement, but, the sudden tension and change in motion caused me to go into cramp that required stopping to alieve and I lost contact with that group.

There were a few other accidents that I saw during the day. But, nothing that appeared too serious.

Mrs. Fred also had a blast completing her 80km relay leg quicker than she anticipated, helping her team to 11th amongst the women. Way to go honeys!

bigfred 11-26-12 12:49 AM


Originally Posted by jsigone (Post 14984363)
3 minutes of resting time, I take it there were no red lights LOL. Congrats on hitting your goal.

Two stops. One at the aforementioned accident, when my inner left thigh/groin cramped so hard that I couldn't make my legs turn over and coasted down to such a low speed that it was either put a foot down or fall over. And the second stop was at the top of the last signifacant hill. I had 4 large bottles with. Based on my consumption during training , they should have seen me through. However, I was pushing extra fluids into the system to help eliminate any chance that dehydration could be adding to the cramping. Subsequently, at the top of Hatape Hill I had a dribble left that wasn't going to be sufficient for the final 20k. So I stopped at the support station at the top of the hill and topped up the bottle I was finishing on.

Oh, and approximately 1 minute of that was post finish as I coasted into the finish coral, put my feet down and collapsed on top of my bars, sobbing uncontrollably. Somewhere in the last 10k the "pain" of the cramps had disappeared. My legs were still cramping and the muscles weren't firing correctly, but, I couldn't feel the pain quite as badly anymore. I more or less "willed" my legs to complete the last 2k at the speed I was going. I really wanted a sub 5:30, or I wouldn't have pushed quite that hard in the closing few km.

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