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reno327 11-28-12 03:08 PM

Uber clyde looking at buying a Kona Dew bike, opinions?
Looking at purchasing a Kona Dew bicycle. I'm an uber clyde at 380 lbs., looking to ride the bike on the road / asphalt trails around town. Not doing any thing extreme on the bike, except looking at putting miles on it. Looking for the opinions about this bicycle, is it worth purchasing?

marmot 11-28-12 04:02 PM

Hmm, I can't say for sure, but I do know it's a good bike at a reasonable price point. I have a two-year-old Dew Drop, which is a Dew with drop bars, and it's been perfectly reliable. The frame is sturdy, it has 36-spoke wheels and proven mechanical bits. My Clydieness isn't as uber as yours, so YMMV.
Hope it works out for you.

gyozadude 11-28-12 06:42 PM

If you're getting a 2010 or earlier model with a crmo fork, then cool. If it's a newer 2012 or maybe even last year, they switched to an aluminum fork, then I might have some misgivings since I might put a lot of mileage on a bike. But if you plan to stay under say, 1000 miles per year, I wouldn't worry about it for as long as you own it. But if you ride 3 - 4k miles per year, then treat yourself to a new frame/fork every 4 years or sooner.

That's just me of course. I'm around 280 right now.

If you're just putting on mostly flat/rolling hills mileage, then you may want to check out some Nashbar 700C hybrids. Not sure what you are paying for the Kona Dew. But you can get a Mongoose Crossway for $179 plus tax and shipping. It does require some knowledgeable assembly. But 700 x 35c tires. Not as nice a component group and not as wide range in gearing, but can work well for commuting and weekend riding. And with the savings, experiment with some comfort technology on saddles and accessories. There are other options as well with better features for a little bit more and still cheaper than the Kona Dew. Was there a reason to pick the Kona Dew specifically?

jdevarie 11-28-12 08:57 PM

Awesome choice. Note that it will be fine. I am as ubber as you and have ridden a GF Mendotta without issues and lately a Trek District (2010) single speed without a problem. Whenever I feel lucky, I mount my fuji SL1 with aftermarket uber spoke wheels of course and work fine. One issue with us uber clysdales, is that sometimes the free hub binds due to the weight. Note that the binding happens when back pedaling only. It is something to keep in mind because once the chain slacks, it can get caught between the chainstay and the tire. This has not happened on my District though.

starkmojo 11-30-12 02:01 PM

I have a KONA Jake and had no problems with it even at my high weight of 310 lbs. Get the best bike you can reasobly afford- better bike= more fun = more riding = more exersize. My Kona is a rock takes whatever I throw at it.

reno327 11-30-12 11:33 PM

I have a Kona Smoke 2-9, with 700c wheels, it's a chromoly steel frame and I love the ride. I was thinking of getting some thing new made out of 6061 aluminum, so I figured on another Kona.

reno327 11-30-12 11:35 PM

My main concern is, will this KONA DEW, support me?

starkmojo 12-03-12 06:46 AM

While I cannot for sure answer your question, I can say that I also have a CAAD road bike I ride at nearly 300 lbs and it supports me, but I am careful to never roll a curb with it, I keep the wheels tried regularly and most importantly keep the tires at max pressure. You will probably wear out components faster than a skinny person, but my best guess is that you will most likely be ok on the kona.

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