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fatbiker2012 12-05-12 08:53 AM

Dream bike for us big guys
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hey guys I thought I would share these photos of my 2001 Trek USpostal restoration just the way I like it.

cplager 12-05-12 08:55 AM

Very nice! :D

Chesha Neko 12-05-12 12:08 PM

Pretty slick. :thumb:

Nightshade 12-05-12 12:45 PM

What gage of spokes are you building in??

Spokes gage can be the achilles heel of any heavy duty bike.

PhotoJoe 12-05-12 01:50 PM

I like it!

Captlink 12-05-12 02:00 PM

Nice build what qualities are liked best.

fatbiker2012 12-05-12 02:40 PM

Thanks guys its a 54cm so it seems a little small for me but it rides great. On the spokes these are the standard Mavic Aksium rims and spokes I believe this is my 3rd set and they hold up great. I was at 275 and down to 245. The standard bontreger wheels that trek has want last very long for me.
Heres a video of the build.

InTheRain 12-05-12 04:15 PM

That's a nice bike. However, my dream bike isn't made for big guys. It's my dream (and soon to be a reality) to not be one of the big guys. For you guys that are well over 6 feet tall maybe it's ok to always be a clyde. However, I'm under 6 feet (5'10") and there is no good reason for me to be a clyde.

fatbiker2012 12-06-12 07:35 AM

In the rain you are so right about that I'm 510 245 and it sucks. I did try to ride from MArion to the top of Mt Mitchel in Oct. I made it to the parkway and had to turn back the hills kicked my butt. But it was still fun. My aim is to climb it by the first of june.

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