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funrover 12-08-12 12:35 AM

Good friend, good ride, life is good!
I had some free time today to hang out with a good buddy of mine. After swapping a part or 2 to make a bike work we were off. Headed out to Elk Meadow for some great conditions. We had a blast, I also forgot how much work the SS is, man am I outta shape.. DO'H!! It was a great day, great company and sweet weather. Hope others get to enjoy the trails!

jsigone 12-08-12 02:05 AM

looks like a great place to ride!!

lenny866 12-08-12 06:01 AM

That sounded like a GREAT DAY!!! Very Awesome!!!

funrover 12-09-12 09:30 PM

It is a great place! Thanks!

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