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cplager 04-17-13 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Erwin8r (Post 15522457)
Hey Lee, is that a flag or a sail?? ;)

Y'a wanna see a trike with a sail?

leeinmemphis 04-17-13 09:22 PM

See that's why there's different strokes for different me I like it. All it has to do is save someone from running me over one single time and it will have paid for itself. It was custom made to order and I used the OEM pole. I may end up cutting the flag pole down a bit but I'm all about visibility. It's worth a mph or so just for the piece of mind that I'm doing everything reasonable possible to be seen.


Originally Posted by Erwin8r (Post 15522457)
Hey Lee, is that a flag or a sail?? ;)

leeinmemphis 04-20-13 03:54 PM

well today was the first ride in over a week since my back flared up. I was absolutely shocked to not have ended up with having to undergo surgery. I took the Bacchetta out for a short stroll. Rode 12 miles with a pretty heavy headwind. Decided this would be a short and easy ride just to lightly test out my back. I replaced the stem with one from TerrCycle and it really tightened all of the free play in the steering. I also adjusted the height of the bars a little as well.

leeinmemphis 04-22-13 07:28 PM

today I took delivery of a recumbent trike and took it on a local group ride this afternoon. Rode around 18 miles and I love it. This is gonna be exactly what I need with my back. I don't recall posting about it but I made the decision to sell all of my conventional DF bikes. For me the back problems are a big deal. I know it will limit me on some rides due to groups not wanting to ride with a trike but that's ok. I gotta do what's right for me first and worry about others second. It's suppose to rain tomorrow and Wednesday so it may be Friday until I get back out on it. I've had an Actionbent trike for the past several years and there's literally no comparison. I should have bought a Catrike YEARS ago!!!

anyway here's a pic of the new scoot....

Erwin8r 04-23-13 02:06 AM


Originally Posted by leeinmemphis (Post 15523612)
See that's why there's different strokes for different me I like it. All it has to do is save someone from running me over one single time and it will have paid for itself. It was custom made to order and I used the OEM pole. I may end up cutting the flag pole down a bit but I'm all about visibility. It's worth a mph or so just for the piece of mind that I'm doing everything reasonable possible to be seen.

Oh, I wasn't really knocking it--just that it looked somewhat what CPlanger posted above... ;)

And that trike looks awesome! I'd ride something like that!

leeinmemphis 04-24-13 11:29 AM

oh I biggie. I've been riding motorcycles up until the past fall for the past 20+ years. One thing I believe in is Hi-Viz gear. I'm definitely trying to go that route as much as I can. I ordered another flag last night and my request was "I don't care what color it is. I just want it to be as visible and stand out as possible". Guess I'm kinda weird about that stuff. I do know that if you have people stopping to ask questions or comment at a stop light then I feel like I'm being as vigilant as possible.


Originally Posted by Erwin8r (Post 15541994)
Oh, I wasn't really knocking it--just that it looked somewhat what CPlanger posted above... ;)

And that trike looks awesome! I'd ride something like that!

leeinmemphis 05-01-13 02:42 PM

well it's been about a week since I've updated. I plan on weighing in the morning. I haven't weighed in quite a while so curious what it says. On Monday I rode 21 miles half of which was with a group ride by a cycling club on my trike. Today I rode the same 40 mile loop that I rode a couple weeks ago and bettered my time by 14 minutes on my highracer(same bike I rode on the 40 mile ride last time I rode it). Starting to feel a little stronger on the bike but am still only getting a couple rides a week in. The weather hasn't been very cooperative for me to be able to get out when weather was good. I finished my semester yesterday and am not taking any classes this summer so hopefully I'll be able to get a couple more rides a week.

I also got some HUGE news that a friend of mine is going to GIVE me a Catrike 700 that has been hanging in his garage for a while. I am just totally blown away. I was debating on the 700 when I bought my Expedition a few weeks back. Now my wife will be able to start off on a trike in just a few days!!!!

A pic of the group ride Monday

today stopped for a little break on the Greenline

leeinmemphis 05-01-13 03:06 PM

also forgot to mention for the month of April I rode 155 miles. I was shooting for 250 miles but I had about 10 day episode with my back and couldn't hardly walk. Actually thought I may have to do surgery again.

For the year I'm at 292 miles for the year so far. I don't have a clear goal for the year. Just hopefully by the end of the year I'll be able to look back at alot of accomplishments.

Erwin8r 05-01-13 03:16 PM

Lee, Good work, and nice pics! I'm hoping to best 125 miles in May (crossing fingers that it will be higher, but 125 is my goal this month).

leeinmemphis 05-05-13 01:12 PM

Small update from the past week or so:

I did 40 miles one day last Wednesday and weighed on Thursday. I was down to 247 since the last time I weighed a month ago. So that's seven pounds lost in a month but I have had to tighten my belt twice in the last month so I'm probably dropping some lb's and hopefully gaining some muscle.

This past week I also sold the last of my conventional bikes. I have taken my old Actionbent trike and added a cargomonster kit to it. It basically converts and stretches the rear to use the Xtracycle cargo bike attachments. I've got it together but need to add a little more chain to it and am also waiting on another teracycle pulley to get it on the road.

Another simply AMAZING thing happened this week. Over the past several years I've had to go to a physical therapist to help me with chronic pain. He and I have grown to be friends and I posted a pic on facebook about my recumbent.....he sent me a text saying I got something that I think you would want. He then sent a pic and it was a Catrike 700 trike. He gave it to me for free. Someone gave it to him a few years back and he never used it. I've spent the last day and a half going through it. The guy that had it first must have been 4' tall because when I extended the boom the chain was so tight it wouldn't shift gears. So yesterday I put a new chain on it and took it out for a short spin between rain drops and was kinda disappointed with how it rode.

Today brought it back inside and removed some of the extra chain tubing that wasn't really necessary and adjusted the alignment of the front tires. They were over an inch toe to the outside. I flipped the handlebars to have them raised a little higher. I've almost got the bike dialed in. It's obvious that whoever set this bike up before had no idea of what they were doing. Here's a pic of the new one:

leeinmemphis 05-06-13 06:45 PM

I've been working on that orange trike for the past couple of days. Today was really the first longer ride on it. I had to keep adjusting the boom to get it dialed in but once I did it was like WOW!!!. I was a bit skeptical about the bike but really like it now that I've had a chance to ride it. I rode just over 17 miles today. Planning on taking a ride tomorrow with lower intensity and a little more mileage.

tiger187126 05-06-13 07:13 PM

awesome work man, i know back problems are no joke and i'm going to keep following your story. pile up those miles!

leeinmemphis 05-08-13 01:08 PM

Today I hit another milestone. I rode the trike today 50 miles. Up until today I had done 40 miles a couple times on a two wheeled recumbent. It takes a bit more effort to pedal the trike but it was a blast. So far this is the longest ride I've done to date. It's suppose to rain tomorrow/Friday so it will probably be Saturday until I get on the bike again. Quite honestly I need a couple days off. This was the hardest ride I've done so far as well. My legs were pretty well done by the time I got back home.

Been home for a few hours and am having some knee pain. I probably pushed myself a little harder than I should have today.

leeinmemphis 05-11-13 01:59 PM

Only got in a 10 mile ride today due to messing with getting the cargo bike put together. Here's a few details if anyone is interested:

Without going into a bunch of boring details.....I've owned this trike for probably 5-6 years and it has only seen occasional use. I had a Surly Big Dummy cargo bike but after emergency back surgery last October I decided it was time to get rid of the DF bikes. I sold my Big Dummy on ebay but kept all of the attachments that I already had.

What I've done is installed a TerraCycle cargo monster longtail kit along with three sets of drive pulleys and two return pulleys. As I pulled back into the driveway I noticed I have a pin that had partially come out of the chain. It was skipping quite a bit on my ride so I had already decided when I got back home that the entire chain needed to be replaced. I installed about a 5' extension to make up for the longtail but my original chain appears to be worn. So this afternoon I'll go get a few chains at the LBS.

At this point the only immediate change I plan to make is to put a mesh seat on it. I have a 700 Catrike and the seats are almost the same dimensions so I'm hoping to put a Catrike seat on it once it shows up. This bike weighs a ton(wasn't a lightweight to begin with) so it's going to be a good workout when out and about on it. The main purpose for the bike is for me to run small errands, grocery shop, dog food, trips to Lowe's etc.

leeinmemphis 05-13-13 07:22 PM

today I took two separate rides. I did a 20 mile ride on my High Racer recumbent consisting mostly of greenways and bike paths. Today I made up my mind that the High Racer just isn't for me. It's a shame because I love the way it rides and leans into the corners but the slow speed maneuvering is just driving me nuts. I've put probably ~300-350 miles on it and it's just not for me.

This evening I went on the regular Monday night club ride. Took the Catrike out and had a ball. Ended up at 39.3 miles for the day. Today is the last day to ride before I leave for East Tn on Thursday. I'm going to a recumbent rally in East Tn and feel like I owe myself a couple rest days before I get out there. I also think I'm ready to move up to the next faster weekly ride(will be able to ride both actually). The last few rides I can tell that I'm picking up speed and the hard work is starting to pay off.

Also wanted to point out that the Memphis Hightailers have been very welcoming to me on a recumbent on this weekly ride. I'm going to try to go with the next faster paced group and keep attending this ride as well.

leeinmemphis 05-19-13 07:18 PM

it's been a few days.....Have lots to update.

I have spent the last few days in East TN at the Smoky Mountain Recumbent Rally. I met up with a fellow bentrideronline member and we did some riding around on the bike paths in Townsend TN. He was in awesome shape and had me feel like I was missing a lung. They had about 40 riders registered but a day and half of rain caused several to not show up. The rally was alot of fun and it was really cool to see all the different types/setups of recumbents there. I saw a Delta trike in person for the first time alot with Trident trikes, Terracycles, Rans LWB, ICE, some wild high racers and other things. I learned alot of tips/tricks for both riding and setting up recumbents. Bill(the host and his wife) went out of their way to help everyone have a good time. The routes were somewhat challenging but nowhere near as strenuous as I was worried about. I did miss the main "highlight" ride on Saturday. It was raining and I was just wiped out from riding a little over 50 miles on Friday.

I can see me with one of these trike tops when it gets summertime here. I'm very fairly skinned and sunburn very easily.

This was Larry Varney's ride.(I think it was called a vortex) was an awesome looking machine

This couple just amazed me with their ability to ride in conjunction with each other. Heck I can't hardly ride a high racer by myself and they are doing it in tandem.

I didn't really hold true to my diet this weekend but honestly just kind of let it go while I was gone. I'll get back on the wagon tomorrow. I ended up riding somewhere around 70 miles which I didn't think was too bad considering it rained for a day and a half.

On another note the cargomonster on the action bent just didn't work out.....particularly when my wife backed up the car and bent the bike frame.

So I removed the cargo monster and asked Teracycle to send me the parts I needed to put it on the yellow expedition. I was able to straighten the frame back enough to where it can be used but it's not quite right. I shortened the boom up to where my 12/13 year old boys will be able to use it. I also ordered another Catrike Expedition that I will ride when solo then when the wife goes along I'll take the cargo monster and she'll have the new Expedition to ride. Here is a pic of the cargomonster on the Yellow Expedition. The parts were home waiting for me when I got home from the rally so I went ahead and made the switch this afternoon.

It actually fits better on the Catrike than the Actionbent. We used a couple of universal brackets on the actionbent and I couldn't get the rear deck to be level with the ground. On the Catrike it's all lined up just perfect.

leeinmemphis 05-23-13 08:34 PM

well today I had my first REAL accident in my adult life on a bike. I went to a faster paced group ride tonight and went into a corner and it apparently had a little sand or dirt in the corner. The trike drifted through the turn then once it hit clean pavement it flipped. Bike has significant damage. The rear wheel is taco'd and the rear derailluer hanger was twisted off. I was going somewhere around 20-25mph when it happened. Going to start with replacing the rear derailluer hanger and rear wheel. I have 128mm between the rear drop outs and it takes a 130mm rear hub so it looks like the rear may have been tweaked a bit.

It all happened so quick but my helmet took a pretty good hit. I have a headache now and may be a mild concussion. Road Rash on forearms and legs but otherwise ok. I always joked how I thought I was wasting my time with wearing a helmet on a trike but I truly believed it may have saved my life today. It's been a few hours and am naturally getting to be very sore but feel extremely lucky. I was just humiliated for this to happen in front of a new group and don't know if I will be able to bring myself to show up in front of them. I am suppose to ride on Memorial Day guess I'll have to see how sore I am. Really sux because I was planning on riding it Monday but I'll take another bike.

NZier 05-23-13 08:45 PM

Wow, glad you're ok.

leeinmemphis 05-27-13 12:50 PM

a little update. It's been a few days since I've posted. The parts are getting ordered today to fix Catrike 700. The local bike club had a Memorial Day ride. I chose to do their longest route that was 53 miles. They said it was "rolling hills" but it was mostly uphill and a couple that I didn't think I would be able to make it up but somehow I managed. I cut 13 minutes off of the last 50 mile ride I rode(and this one was 53). Some of the hills were pretty challenging for me. I would try to get as much speed up before hitting the hill and that seemed to do ok for helping me getting over it. Only a handful of times did I have to go to the small front chainring. It seems that I finished mid-pack due to all of the cars still in the parking lot. All in all a good day.

leeinmemphis 05-29-13 12:22 PM

went for a 27.2 mile ride today and the last 4-5 miles were miserable. My legs are still pretty worn out from Mondays ride. Gonna have to take a couple days off to let me legs recover a little.

On the bright side I received my new trike rear derailluer hanger. I install it last night along with the derailluer and it looks like the derailuer is going to be ok. I have a replacement wheel on order so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll get it back together.

leeinmemphis 06-08-13 11:12 AM

Had a tough week this week and today had to call in the SAG wagon. I rode from my house up to a fundraiser ride(53 mile route) and at 48 miles I just couldn't go any further. I guess between sequestered jury duty, no sleep, bad eating all week and I haven't been on the bike for over a just wasn't meant to be today. Kinda disappointed because I really wanted to ride 60 miles today. I think I may have officially had my first "bonk". I definitely didn't eat enough this morning. Live and learn I guess. I'm definitely learning the in's and outs of riding longer distances(at least what I consider longer) the hard way.

This is the first ride I haven't finished but the course today had a lot of hills and I was on my high racer (which I've never ridden much on hills). Probably shouldn't be so hard on myself but this is the first longer ride that I couldn't finish by myself.

leeinmemphis 06-10-13 07:59 PM

Took my Catbike Musashi for it's first ride with the Monday night crew I've been riding with. Ended up riding a bit over 17 miles and I absolutely hate this bike. It'll be on ebay before the weekend. I always wanted to try a low racer but am totally disappointed with it. A low racer bike just isn't for me.

I've asked a few questions online and the general consensus is to cut back my mileage a little but ride more days per week. So instead of 2-3 longish rides a week I'm going to start trying to ride 4-5 days a week but with some shorter rides for a while. Plus the heat of the summer is getting ready to be among us and I don't really want to try to push for a few 4-5 hour rides a week in the high heat/humidity we have here.

Gosh lookin' at those pics I'm still a fat a$$. I just can't seem to get the weight off this time and I'm doing the good eating/exercise.

leeinmemphis 06-12-13 06:28 PM

today I rode 20 miles of fairly flat roads. I kept having to pull myself back in from pushing too hard because I'm going to start to try to do consecutive day riding. Tomorrow I plan on riding for about an hour and a half at a very relaxed pace.

leeinmemphis 06-13-13 06:11 PM

rode an easy 13 miles today in an effort to try to start riding consecutive days. I literally rode so slow that I didn't have to put out any effort. Tomorrow will likely be a rest day.

leeinmemphis 06-16-13 08:38 PM

rode with my wife yesterday. She has showed some interest in riding a trike so she took the Expedition out and I followed her on the Musashi. My wife has had both knees replaced but she did great. She walks a lot in the neighborhood/gym so a recumbent is totally new to her. She carried us somewhere around 10.5 miles and probably 10mph or so. She now seems to have a genuine interest in trying to ride regularly. She said she just loves my Expedition.....looks like I've lost it for times when she rides. :)

Today I went out for a 23.5 mile ride and focused on doing some hills. It's suppose to rain tomorrow so I may not be able to go on my Monday night group ride......keeping fingers crossed that the bad weather will be gone before the ride. I'm planning on weighing in later in the week. Clothes are starting to get loose so my body is making a few changes regardless of what the scale says.

Total mileage for the year to date is 711 miles.

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