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leeinmemphis 06-17-13 06:35 PM

The threat of rain kept me off the bike today. I received my wheels for the Catrike that I wrecked last month. I was able to take a quick spin and it rides great with the new wheels but the derailluer keeps jumping so I think the rear derailluer is going to have to be replaced.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to find a LBS that has a derailluer in stock. I'm really anxious to see how it really does with the new wheels.

leeinmemphis 06-19-13 07:14 PM

yesterday I went for a short 10 mile ride with my wife and today did a 27 mile loop that was full of hills. My legs are just wore out tonight. May do a short recovery ride tomorrow.

leeinmemphis 07-17-13 06:22 AM

well it's been quite a while since I've updated this thread. I have been riding consistently 3-4 days a week. Clothes are starting to fit different, I've had to adjust the seatbelt in my old jeep with a lap belt seatbelt, and had to tighten up yet another notch on the belt. I haven't weighed in a couple of weeks and may hold off for a bit more(trying not to be too obsessed with the number).

As far as the cycling goes it really just seems in the past week or two that I have finally gotten in a groove with it. In other words now I still feel good when I get off the bike, taking no rest stops out of necessity and on days where I ride with my wife for a recovery ride my heart rate stays down. Not to mention now it's become fun to ride again. I've spent some time "micro-adjusting" the setups on the bikes with seat/handlebar angles and feel like they are getting very close to where they should be.

I'm going to a recumbent rally in August. Right now I'm concentrating on riding as much as possible and trying to increase my fitness.

leeinmemphis 09-27-13 06:41 AM

just thought I would start adding to this thread. It's been a while since I regularly updated it.

I attended a Recumbent Rally in WI in August. The main reason I went was so I could ride and demo a bunch of bikes. I ended up bringing home a new trike and a two wheeled folding bent. I was really surprised to find that all of my riding I was still probably the slowest one there. I was surprised with how hilly the routes were. I already plan on returning next year with a goal to do the longer rides. I've been riding hills quite a bit since the rally and can see some improvement already.

This was a stop along the way home from the rally. Yeah it was stuffed lol

This was from a ride last week. I've started a recumbent bike fan page and website in order to try to get into contact with other recumbent riders. I'm the one on the right. So far I've lost about 40lbs and hope to lose another 40 over the next year.

So far the year to date I've done the following:
1771 miles
83,138 calories burned
8055 minutes on the bike so far for the year

anthonygeo 09-27-13 06:49 AM

another clyde getting ready to saddle up...
So jealous of your trike! I looked at some last month at a LBS in Tennessee.

leeinmemphis 09-27-13 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by anthonygeo (Post 16108777)
So jealous of your trike! I looked at some last month at a LBS in Tennessee.

yeah they're a hoot to ride. When the family goes out the trikes usually go. If it's on a non-recumbent group ride I usually pull out a two wheeler. I just can't keep up with the group rides that are basic bikes on the trikes. Hopefully I'll shed some more lbs over the winter and get in even better shape. I've purchased a windshield for one of the trikes and I plan on riding regularly through the winter.

cg_bstone 09-27-13 11:55 AM

Hi Lee, I really loved reading this entire thread from the beginning today. That is great progress and has motivated me further. I decided last weekend to make bicycling a priority as I approach 60 years old and into retirement. Congratulations!

leeinmemphis 09-27-13 04:16 PM

Thanks CG!!!! It has been a good year but I have missed a few of my goals. A few weeks ago I rode in the MS150 which is two 75 mile days. I made it to mile 43 and had to withdraw due to heat exhaustion. I was REALLY devastated to have not completed the ride. It was my main goal for the year and I couldn't do it. The course had a TON of hills and the weather was 96* with 100% humidity. I had ridden some 55 mile days over the summer but not in such a hilly course. At first I couldn't even tell the EMT's/SAG people where I was or who was president. I was in a pretty bad situation. I knew when I stopped sweating and actually starting to feel cold that I was in trouble.

I've also met a few folks(unfortunately not on bents) that I ride with occasionally and have really enjoyed it. Often when out riding by myself I forget I'm out exercising just because riding the recumbents are so much fun. My next big goal is to ride the MS150 and complete it next year.


Originally Posted by cg_bstone (Post 16109768)
Hi Lee, I really loved reading this entire thread from the beginning today. That is great progress and has motivated me further. I decided last weekend to make bicycling a priority as I approach 60 years old and into retirement. Congratulations!

leeinmemphis 09-28-13 11:38 AM

rode 50.4 miles today with several good sized hills. It was the first time to ride it since I had upgrade the cranks on my trike to a triple. It came with a fixed gear on the front and a SRAM dual drive rear and it was just geared too tall for me. Have 81 gears now and I love the way it rides now.

cg_bstone 09-29-13 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by leeinmemphis (Post 16110673)
At first I couldn't even tell the EMT's/SAG people where I was or who was president. I was in a pretty bad situation. I knew when I stopped sweating and actually starting to feel cold that I was in trouble.

Yikes, that sounds scary. But still, it was a huge accomplishment to be where your are.

leeinmemphis 09-30-13 09:09 PM

Rode today a short ride. Rode with a friend from church this afternoon and he kicked my butt. I took my trike and could tell when pulling out that my legs were still sore from Saturdays ride. Only managed in 20 miles but my legs were real tired. Gonna wait a couple days to saddle up again

leeinmemphis 10-04-13 01:19 PM

Rode a short 21 miles yesterday but it included one of my hillier routes coming back. I toed with another local triker and he has some ankle issues so I always plan an easy paced more relaxed pace than I do when by myself. He is much older than me but he shows me different ways to tackle the rolling hills. I've always been a hard charger for hills. Sometimes I just need to step my output and let the gearing do the real work.

Next Friday we are going to ride a new rail to trail system that opened up about an hour and a half away. It is 44 miles each way. I'm hoping if it's as flat as they say it is and if it's a nice fall day then hopefully I can ride the entire trail in one day

leeinmemphis 10-12-13 06:56 PM

yesterday was our big day. A new rail to trail path opened a few weeks ago. We drove down with six people and intended on riding the entire trail. The trail is 44 miles each way. My 12 year old son rode on a trike with us as well. We were able to ride the entire 88 miles but the last 20 miles or so were just miserable. The terrain was mostly flat with some long inclines but no real "hills". We felt like we really achieved something by finishing the ride yesterday. My legs this morning were still wore out and I could tell I had overdone it but I was nowhere near as sore as I thought I would be. Going to take a leisurely paced ride on Monday depending on how my legs feel.

In reality I think I'm probably another year away from trying a complete century. After yesterday I think I need to limit myself to under 60 mile rides until I get in some better shape and lose some more weight. I haven't weighed in quite a while(month or more maybe???) so I think one day this week I will do a weigh in to see where I'm at.

leeinmemphis 10-14-13 12:30 PM

Today I rode 40.4 on my Musashi and felt great on it. The weather was perfect and I decided to take a different/longer route today. It was my first time to ride a two wheeled recumbent in almost a month. I felt fantastic today and had a great ride. I'm at 1990 miles for the year. I hope to do 3000 for the year but I just don't know if I will be able to do it.

leeinmemphis 10-17-13 09:45 PM

Had a couple of milestones today. I weighed in this morning for the first time since May and I have lost 50 lbs since January. Also went for a 30 mile ride today and had a great ride. I rode my grasshopper recumbent and tonight have some inflammation in my knees. The bike is oddly geared and I will probably need to address the gearing and crank arm length over the winter. I did the same for my trike and it made a huge improvement.

leeinmemphis 10-17-13 09:48 PM

I also forgot to add that today I crossed the 2k mile mark for the year. I'm hoping to ride 3k for the year but that may be asking too much out of me

leeinmemphis 10-21-13 08:31 PM

rode today and only put 20 miles on the bike. Today was just one of those days where I had to force myself to get out on the bike. It was in the 50's today and had a pretty steady wind. I went the hilly route and it was the first time since I had made some gearing changes. To say I was happy would be grossly under exaggerated.

leeinmemphis 10-24-13 12:28 PM

I had my first "colder weather" ride today. Ended up riding 41 miles and had a great ride. I am definitely going to need to find some warmer clothes. I rode a hilly section that I've been riding this year both directions and really kicked my butt. Even though it's starting to get cool outside I hope to be able to ride at least a couple days a week if not more.

leeinmemphis 11-09-13 08:41 PM

Small update

Rode a couple times this week and hope to get out again tomorrow. I'm nearing 2200 miles. I just don't think 3k miles is going to work. Colder weather so I plan to ride the next few days in a row. I've been giving myself 1-2 rest days between rides but it is getting I that time of year where I am more at the mercy of what mother nature and family obligations coming up.

leeinmemphis 11-10-13 04:13 PM

It was 70* here this afternoon so we got out for a short 25 mile ride. I would have loved to ride 50 today but just had too much going on. I took the cargobike out for a change and it made me realize a couple of things. While the suspended trike offers a "cushy'er" ride it also has about 20 lbs more weight to it than the cargo bike and it really showed today. I probably averaged a good 2-3 mph over what I have been doing on the scorpion.

So far for the year I am at 2246 miles for the year. It's suppose to be nice tomorrow like it was today and then the temps drop 20-30*. I've been trying to avoid back to back rides to let me have a rest day but I'm going to get out again tomorrow.

leeinmemphis 12-08-13 09:13 PM

well it's been a while since I've updated anything. I recently went out and bought a new leftover Cannondale SuperSix 3 in hopes of me trying to ride a regular road bike on occasion. I'm waiting until after Christmas to get on it as it's part of my Christmas present. Honestly my back still bothers me on occasion and I'm a little concerned if I will be able to ride it. The recent back trouble has done nothing but motivate me even more to get in even better shape. I've lost somewhere around 60#'s for the year and will try to weigh again sometime later this month. I'm trying not to live and die by the scale so I only weigh every couple of months. When I weighed a while back I was at 231lbs and that was the lowest my weight has been since I graduated from high school over twenty years ago. I'm literally falling out of my jeans but I'm waiting until after Christmas to buy a few new pair of jeans. I'm fitting into clothes that I have not been able to wear for years. I just need to figure out a way to still ride while the weather is cold.

I've been riding as the weather allows and finally invested in a few new pieces of clothing to help me ride in temps 25-40*. Tomorrow will be my first attempt at riding in temps below 40 so I guess I'll see how tomorrow goes. I also have a velomobile on order and hopefully once it arrives that I will be able to ride in whatever temps I want to. :)

3rdcoast 12-08-13 09:45 PM

Congrats on the weight loss Lee, bet you got more miles on your bicycle this year than most of those polishers on the HD forum. lol

leeinmemphis 12-08-13 10:12 PM

Thanks I'm at 2600 and am hoping to make the 3k mile mark for the year. It's going to mainly depend on the weather and my ability to get out in it. I'm signed up for a 7 day ride in June and have a few other goals as well(including riding a century). I work better having goals to shoot for but last year I had a couple I didn't complete. Hopefully next year I will have more success in reaching my goals. Main goal is going to be more miles with less weight and enjoy it more than I did this year. There were a lot of times where I just had to punish myself to finish some rides. Hopefully as my body gets back in shape that those same rides will be easier next year.

leeinmemphis 12-15-13 03:28 PM

small update. Friday I took delivery of my velomobile. I had some mechanical issues that stopped me in my tracks and the gearing was WAY too tall for me. I initially asked to send it back but we are going to change out the front gearing. It has a schlumpf high speed drive in it and I'm just not strong enough to push it the way it is geared. I'm going to send the bottom bracket back in and go to conventional triple front ring. Hopefully that will make the bike tolerable. I really want to be able to have something like this for trips/cold weather riding. Hopefully the fit will get a little better as well once I lose a few more pounds.

Woke up this morning with terrible stomach pain and have been admitted into the hospital. It looks like I may have to get my gall bladder removed. Hopefully this won't be a long term thing because I really wanted to be riding all week. Temps are forecast to be in the 50's all week long. :(

leeinmemphis 12-19-13 10:07 PM

Spent a few days in the hospital but yesterday got out for a short ride. I'm not going to make my 3k goal for the year. The last several weeks the weather hasn't cooperated we've traveled a bit and me being in the hospital has me coming up short. I'm going to try to work in a few more rides this year as time allows. Sucks not making my goal though. :(

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