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10 Wheels 12-19-13 10:11 PM

Rest up for next year.

leeinmemphis 12-22-13 07:38 PM

Well today I took the Cannondale out for it's first ride and I just don't know if I'll be able to handle riding a regular road bike again. My back was hating me by the time we got back from the ride which was only 16 miles. Not to mention I was CRAZY saddle sore. Hopefully both was just due to not using those muscle because it takes different muscles riding a recumbent. My back is really making me pay for it tonight. It may not be worth trying a road bike again.

10 Wheels 12-22-13 07:40 PM

You went to far....Five mile rides are best for adapting to the bike.

dhender02 12-27-13 10:36 AM

WOW!!! I read the entire thread from the beginning today, and luv every minute of it. That is great progress and has motivated me further. I started out riding a hybrid, and just recently moved over to a road bike. Although I wish I could, but I'm not getting nowhere near the miles that you are logging. In addition, the winter with shorter days it gets dark before I get home, and I'm not fond of night cycling. But keep posting it's VERY encouraging and motivational. Congrats on the progress you made, maybe one day I can claim the same. When days start getting longer, I plan to ride twice during the week, 20-30 miles/ride, and 40-50 on the weekend. Already signed up to do my first metric century (63 miles) in April. As we say in church, maybe this time next year, I can have a praise report to share...

Keep on riding and posting!!!

Maycat 01-08-14 12:13 AM

Hi Leeinmemphis, your story is so inspiring! It is amazing how many miles you did in 2013, and how much weight you have lost. Please continue posting your story.

Ataru074 01-08-14 05:56 AM

your story is very inspirational for overweight people like me that are trying to get back in shape again... I had "opportunities" similar to yours but I'm still at the beginning of the path and reading more success stories is just so helpful.

leeinmemphis 01-31-14 07:55 PM

it's been a while since I posted in the thread. January wasn't a great month for me riding. I only managed 168 miles but I'm going to blame a lot of that on the weather. We've had unusually cold weather so I only got out a handful of times. My weight is down to 230 and has been stuck there for several weeks. I can't explain it but the last couple of weeks my eating has been terrible. I'm sure I've probably gained a few lbs back. I have to get my eating back under control and get my lazy butt back out on the bike. I'm going to set a goal for 300 miles in February(same goal I had for January). The first week of Feb weather doesn't look too promising but lets hope the weathermen don't know what they are talking about. :D

leeinmemphis 02-13-14 04:45 PM

well February has been a dud for riding. We've had unusually cold temps/light snow/ice. Today was only the second time out for the month. I did think I would post up a picture of the velomobile that I put together. It is my catrike recumbent trike and made out of coroplast(the same material an election sign is typically made out of). Today was only it's second time out since I've put it together. I still have a little bit of work to do but it's going to have to wait until either it's too cold to ride or warm enough for me to ride one of the other rides. This thing is great in cool weather.

leeinmemphis 02-17-14 06:54 PM

just a little update and not a good one. I've gained 12 pounds since Jan 25th. I've returned to finish my degree and am taking a full time class load. It has had me nervous and obviously I've been overeating to deal with it. Today I decided I got to get it back in check. I've worked too dang hard to just piss it away. That combined with the unusually cold weather has kept me off the bike a lot more than I had planned for Jan/Feb. Tomorrow I plan to try to ride 40 miles. It's suppose to be in the 60's here so hopefully I will be able to get out for a nice ride.

leeinmemphis 02-19-14 07:10 PM

I rode 38 miles yesterday and 15 miles today. Tomorrow we head to a recumbent bike rally in TX. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures/info to post back up the first of next week. I have ridden more miles already this year than I had all the way up through April of last year. So at least I'm ahead from last years mileage but still not where I had hoped it to be.

leeinmemphis 03-10-14 06:59 PM

It's been a few weeks since I've done an update. The trip to TX was incredible. We met some very nice folks and got in some great riding in perfect weather. Yesterday we went to a local rail to trail that's about an hour away. It is called the Tanglefoot Trail and it is a 44 mile long paved trail that was converted from an old railroad bed. We rode the full 88 miles. In the past several weeks I've re-committed myself to getting more into shape. I've signed up for two multi day tours (one of which is RAGBRAI) so I am using those tours to set goals for mileage, weight etc. Up to this point I have given myself a day off between rides but have started riding consecutive days. I still have a long way to go but I am making headway. I haven't weighed in a couple weeks but probably will towards the end of the week to just see where I am. I've been real strict on what I'm eating and have increased the workouts both in frequency and duration so I would be surprised if it wasn't reflected on the scale.

leeinmemphis 03-15-14 03:57 PM

well today was both a good and bad day. I rode in a club ride for St Pat's day today. Last year I did the 25 mile route and had to walk several of the hills. It was probably 1100' or so of climbing. Today I chose to ride the longest route which was 60.34 miles and had 2900' of climbing. I knew it would be a challenging ride but didn't realize just how much so. The last 8-10 miles I struggled very much to just finish the ride. I did make every climb and didn't have to do any walking but it really showed me just how unprepared I am for RAGBRAI. I'm going to have to increase my riding and get more serious about my diet. I was pretty disappointed in myself in how taxing the climbs were on me. My weight is just stuck and I can't seem to lose any more. I'm beginning to wonder if I am not eating enough and somehow starving my body. I wore a jersey today from a ride from last year and was embarrassed by how I looked in it. I got to figure out how to shed some lbs.

My son got a new bike this week:

He absolutely loves it but I can't keep up with him at all now. It's a 2009 Baron Optima Low Racer.

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