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AWB 01-29-13 03:36 AM

New Clyde from Aus
Hi everyone, wanted to stop by and say hello.
My name is Andy, I am 29 and from Adelaide, South Australia.

I am a 265lb Clyde who has recently joined the site.

Due to my build I will always be a Clyde and have no intentions of trying to go under, I am 6ft @ 265lb and two axe handles across the shoulders :)

Picked up a cheap big box store bike a week ago, the goal is to lose 45lbs and then graduate to a road bike.
Am slowly getting back into the swing of things, after not riding a bike for around 15 years it certainly takes some getting used to again.

While not a great bike, it will do the job for the time being, and is my two wheels to a healthier life. :D

bassjones 01-29-13 05:08 AM


OiS 01-29-13 06:08 AM

Welcome Andy, nice to have another Aussie on the forum!

Hope you enjoy getting back into the swing of things. It's all about TITS, just put the time in the saddle, and everything will come together.


brawlo 01-29-13 06:30 PM

Hey Andy, welcome.

I'm your same weight down from 140kegs. I race road and track and like you have no aspirations of ever leaving clydesville. Just get in and ride.

chefisaac 01-30-13 06:34 AM


JEC7 01-30-13 06:45 AM

Hey mate, I'm from Clare. 150km North.

Rogue Trader 01-30-13 07:22 AM

Hi Andy, good to see another Aussie on the boards :)

cheers, John

AWB 01-31-13 01:57 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :thumb:
It is slowly becoming easier, a little further each day.

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