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Fastflyingasian 04-17-13 12:25 PM

Lost 100 pounds in one year so i bought a new bike. what was your gift?
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i have done triathlons in the past so i said to myself i will by a new bike for my hundredth pound lost. on the one year mark it was 102.5. so now my next gift to myself will be a set of race wheels for this bike if i lose an additional 40 pounds which will also no longer qualify me as a Clydesdale. i am already at the lowest weight at 225 pounds since probably junior high school. now if only the mirror would cooperate :lol:

this picture was taken on my maiden voyage. having never ridden a tt bike before it is quite interesting getting used to that position. best way to explain it that you have the feeling like your going to fall over the handlebars especially on bumps. it all matters not when you see how fast your going even into the wind.

TrojanHorse 04-17-13 12:27 PM

Sharp looking bike and congrats!

CraigB 04-17-13 12:29 PM

I got myself a Synapse when I broke 200, which was 104 pounds lost. Now that several (ahem) of those pounds are back, my wife is saying the bike has to go back as well.

She's only kidding. Sort of.

goldfinch 04-17-13 02:10 PM

When I lost a third of my body weight I bought a Madone.

If I maintain weight loss plus or minus 5% over the next year I am going to get myself a custom bike.

GeoBigJon 04-18-13 06:15 AM

Awesome deal, nice bike!

adrien 04-18-13 07:39 AM

Well, I never lost that kind of weight, though I suppose it was fortunate I didn't need to. At 6'3 and change, I dropped from 250 or so to about 205.

And I bought a custom, lugged steel hand made road bike. And have ridden it about 4,000 miles since I got it a year ago.

Keep at it -- great sport, this.

PhotoJoe 04-18-13 08:02 AM

I bought myself a Lynskey as a reward. It wasn't related to weight, though.

dkyser 04-18-13 08:08 AM

Great looking bike and congrats.
Although I have not hit the hundred lb loss, I bought a new bike for my 75th lb, hopefully this will help me get the next 50# off.

Wooden Tiger 04-18-13 08:18 AM

Buying "rewards" for myself always had a way of backfiring in my face or just end up being really frustrating so I really just don't do it any longer.

- A few years ago I'd found a new job. It was the first in over two years. My wife and I went on a cruise (it was already booked) and as a "reward" I bought myself a new Tag Heuer Indy 500 F1 watch. A week later the entire training class was fired. :twitchy: That watch became a reminder of failure/bad luck instead of newfound success.

- I once ordered custom guitar parts (neck and body) as a gift to myself for really improving my playing. I got the body and there were some flaws in the paint. I expressed concern to the company and they blew me off, telling me "that's not covered." I argued and was just blown off, period. Every time I tried to explain the jerk on the other line just interrupted me.

TWO YEARS LATER I'd found a forum "dedicated" to these guitars and expressed my personal experience. It turns out a rep for the company frequented the site and saw my post. He contacted me and wanted the story, as he said at the time of my issues he was not there and he had been chasing down upset people for years to make things right. He told me he wanted to see the body so I shipped it to him.

A few weeks later after receiving the body I got a call from him and the problem was not a flaw in the paint, but a cracked body. All this time the body had been cracked. They replaced the body free of charge and even made some modifications to it for free that I'd wanted. :thumb: The process took around four months, which was a bit irritating, but the problem was fixed.

Yes, this turned out okay, but I shouldn't have had to deal with it in the first place.

- My grandfather passed away and left me a $1,000 inheritance. I purchased myself a 2011 Schwinn Paramount Series 7 bicycle. For some reason it kept having derailleur issues and wouldn't shift right. Performance Bike agreed to give me a replacement or bicycle of equal value. I really liked the bike so I took a replacement. I had the same issues with the replacement. After numerous trips back and forth to Performance Bike (60 miles away) the problem was discovered. Apparently the internal cables had been crossed and put stress on the derailleur cables, not allowing correct shifting. The cables were rerouted and I haven't had any issues since.

With the bike, it was an inconvenience for months. More bad luck. :mad:

- In April 2012 my wife and I were in a car accident and lost our MTBs. We just replaced them this year with my 2012 Cannondale Flash 29er 2 (Alloy) and her Specialized Jett Comp. So far, so good. Thus far, things have worked out well with the new MTBs.

- When we got in the car accident my 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi was totaled. While I received $16,000 in a settlement for it, that still wasn't going to replace it with a car in as good of condition. Instead, I opted to get a new vehicle, a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. While the Jeep's been fun, it recently underwent some pretty serious repairs. The heater core was defective and in turn allowed sludge through the coolant system. Not only was the heater core replaced but the radiator, plus some a/c and heat plumbing needed to be replaced, plus the engine needed to be flushed out. If the vehicle was not under warranty it would have cost $1,800. UNACCEPTABLE for a vehicle with 12,000 miles on it! :mad:

I would have to say that my biggest rewards haven't come from treating myself to anything, but from making "lifestyle decisions."

- I quit smoking a few years ago and feel healthier.

- I started to change my eating habits and feel a little bit healthier and active.

- I started getting serious about biking again and am losing some weight, getting in shape, and feeling like I'm accomplishing something. :thumb:

1242Vintage 04-19-13 09:50 AM

Couple years ago I dropped from 250 to 200 lbs and bought myself a new Cannondale CAAD9 as a reward. Have ridden the crap out of it for the past three years. Little red CAAD9 has over 30k miles on it now and over time i have replaced most of the drive train and wheels. Am starting to think I need to reward myself with a new ride for keeping the weight off.

WonderMonkey 04-19-13 10:36 AM

Nice job on the weight loss, keep it up!

I gift myself to get to my weight loss. A nice bike I'll ride, and some things to help on my commute which will contribute to the riding.

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